Friday, September 9, 2011

Busy Fall Already!

     Okay, I'm going to stop my merry-go-round for a bit and chat with all of you. Things have been hectic lately and I just need to stop and smell the flowers before they're gone. My summer went by too fast, as I'm sure yours did. My daughters and their families came out to Idaho for a visit from back east and we had a wonderful time. They didn't visit at the same time, which is a good thing!

     The first week of July my youngest came out with her hubby and daughter who will be a year old in November. My oldest daughter came out the second week in July, with her hubby and daughter who will be three in November, and the weather was still a tolerable 85 - 90 degrees. Now back in Michigan, the humidity is about 80 - 90% in the summer and one can hardly breathe! I much prefer our nearly single digit humidity here in Northern Idaho.

     We took the girls to the Lochsa Mountains and spent the night in a cabin and ate on the sunny deck of the lodgepole restaurant. They loved the drive along the Clearwater River and the drive up through Lolo. We also took a drive to the top of Elk point where we were greeted by several patches of snow still two feet deep! In July!

     Hubby also took son-in-law #2 on a fishing trip and they were both lucky enough to snag a sturgeon! Both got sunburned bad but had a wonderful time!

     Another trip took us on a tour down the Snake River to Hell's Canyon where my oldest and her family got to see the wild life along the river. It was good to see them again but now I already miss the immensely. I'm lucky to be able to talk with them on the phone every week and Skype online with the grandbabies so they don't forget us!

     I hope your summer was filled with lots of family fun, packed with memories you can hold in your hearts. With fall quickly approaching, I've been updating websites and blogs. Please click on the links to visit and roam around to see the changes. I'll be adding more authors to my friends list so you can add a few new authors to your shelves. I've tried to include a few blog hops and contest links for those of you who enjoy being on line, reading and wining free books and gift cards.

      Thank you all for coming back consistently to see what might be new here or keeping tabs on my calendar for new author interviews. I had to slow down on those so that I could get some writing done on Whispers at Ghost Point. I have to share something funny that happened the other day. Now, I don't normally write spooky stuff but there is a ghost in the next book! He was causing a few problems and I had to write them out since he insisted on making a scene at that point in the book. My lawn guy had just cut the grass and I'd thought he left so I continued writing, my ghost continued being insistent and then.....a dark shadow walked past my office window at the same time! My heart leapt into my throat and I thought it would beat right outta my chest.

     Now how silly is that? Is that a good sign...meaning that it will be a good part in the book? If it scared me, it will probably scare you! LOL...I still laugh at myself about that! I've let too many things get in the way of my writing but I'm going to buckle down these next few months and get it written. My characters are heckling me to write their story so that will help.

     How about you? Do you have any questions or comments or stories you'd like to share with us about your summer? How about plans for the fall? The kids are back to school, so is the house quiet now? Thank you all for stopping in and thank you for the short break. I've enjoyed our time together but my characters are nagging at me! Talk to you soon!


  1. Hi Deanna - Summer isn't over in the Sunshine State just yet. The weather actually is quite perfect. The humidity has gone and the temps are perfect. We still have many more days at the beach! My oldest daughter and grandson went back to MI last week after a (too short) visit. I completely understand what you meant when you wrote that you were missing them already. Thank goodness for Skype!

    Cindy K

  2. Hey girlfriend! Thanks for stopping in to chat. It's always nice to have you visit! Glad to hear the weather over your way is not too humid any longer. It was great to have the girls here and show them around.

  3. Well I have got to go to a couple of races and a tractor pull. You will laugh I keep winning tickets. LOL. My summer is kind of boring. Just been painting the walls in my rooms. Going to some garage sales, reading books, or doing puzzles. Your story is funny. I would of thought the same thing. LOL.

  4. Been redesigning part of the garden this summer and early fall. Taking a book to read out in the garden and forgetting about the sun! LOL.