Friday, May 22, 2015

Deanna Jewel is back from surgery! Stop by!

Deanna Jewel
I'm Back!

     First I have to apologize for dropping off the face of the earth and not staying in touch. I saw my orthopedic surgeon on April 16th and had hip replacement surgery April 20th, which happened way sooner than I ever thought it would and when the doctor gave me the quick date, I jumped on it. With such a quick surgery, I didn't have time to do a newsletter or post to let all of you know and am just now able to sit long enough at my computer to join you here.
      I have a few more weeks of therapy but now that the pain is manageable, I can concentrate on writing and edits and will again be working/editing on the sequel to Never Surrender. Two Hearts Surrender is the sequel and I can't wait to get it finished. Tax season is over and in between summer travels, I'll get it done.

      I've missed hearing what you've been doing, here and on FB, and want to catch up with what your plans are for the summer. I hope some of you leave comments so we can do that. Please let your friends know that I have not disappeared! LOL


  1. I am glad you are doing better Deanna, I had a hip replaced last year in July and done pretty well with it. Home health came by twice a week for therapy and I done the rest on my own. I was walking the block within two weeks post surgery. I am not saying I don't have some pain now but its not near what it was before the surgery. They say it takes about a year to get over completely. I still take walks several days a week, just got back from walking. I try to keep the muscles built up. Just be careful and try not to fall, I did that in Dec and hadn't fell in years. Thankfuly I don't think I hurt the hip because its still moving. Take care of yourself and have a quick recovery.

  2. Thanks for stopping in. This is my second replacement. Soon I think I'll be bionic along with the wires in my back, too! Each day is getting easier.

  3. I had back surgery in 2012 for stenosis where they went and opened up my spinal column, back then my left leg went numb and stayed that way. It got better after the surgury. I think you just start falling apart after you get older. It starts about age fifty.