Saturday, January 21, 2017

Valentine's Day Contest - Chance to Win a Nook e-Reader!

Love Reincarnation of Soul Mates?

     That's what this story is all about and it happens all around us every day! Soul mates are meant for each and every one of us and they're out there just waiting for fate to illuminate that spark of electricity that will connect two people who belong together forever. Then again, I'm a romantic and believe in happy endings, cupid and his arrows.
     I also love stories that come in a series. Yes, I know I've told you this is a series and many of you are waiting for book two. I promise, it will be released when the time is right. I also know there are many readers out there who haven't read THIS story yet. Whether you love paperbacks, hard covers or your e-reader, I hope you grab a copy of this book about Kate, Taima and Brandon.
    I would be thrilled and I invite you to help me surprise my publisher by grabbing your copy now and also super-charge social media with links to bring new readers to my page so they can connect with my characters. Should you take that challenge, use my contest below to grab as many daily entries as you can to help me get the word out about NEVER SURRENDER and my contest. ONE reader will win the NOOK E-READER and I also have other prizes below. Enjoy the book trailer!

~ Prizes ~

One NOOK e-reader

Candle Sample - 3 winners

Goodie bags - 4 winners

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Links Where You Can Purchase
Never Surrender in all formats:

My Website
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book mark w/purchase!)
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     This is a contest where readers win and I win. I wish all of you a romantic Valentine's Day with your best friend because we love romance and reading. Thank you for helping me get the word out about the contest and the books. Kate and Brandon thank you!


  1. I will probably take him out to eat. Entering under the name of Virginia

  2. I am going to make him his favorite dinner this year

  3. I agree about the favorite meal. Always appreciated.

  4. Our Valentines Day will be delayed this year. I have a detached retina and just had surgery. I am cheating being on the computer. When I am off bed rest and can lift my head for more than a few minutes at a time, I will see haow much travel I will be allowed. I am planning a surprise long weekend away as soon as I have permission to take one. E-readers are good for this problem I am currently dealing with. Being able to adjust the size of the print makes it easier for me to read, even if for short periods.

  5. No special someone, but I like to make special cards for family.