Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring in the air?

I have a bad habit of rushing spring when I hear the birds in our courtyard and the first warmer day brings sunshine and the smell of spring! It puts a smile on my face. I had to go out to my garden and brush the old leaves away from the new hyacinths coming up and the crocus sprouting through the dirt. Their little green heads emerge and beg for sun. Soon their colors will brighten the gardens out there.

Then I look around at all the work I need to do before spring actually takes hold. It'll give me something to do while I contemplate my muse and where my story lines will take me next. Working in the yard also allows me time to listen to what my characters want in their story, the different paths they could take and the what-ifs.

I hope you have something to keep you busy until spring brings us warmer weather and we can get outside to enjoy the spring flowers and watch the birds flutter around their houses. We're lucky to have so many birdhouses in our yard and it again makes me smile to watch them as I sip my morning coffee with hubby. The robins are cleaning up the last of the crabapples on the trees and the smaller birds fight for the house they want as they stuff in long grasses and bits of old yarn. Soon the chirping of baby birds will be music out there.

But my characters are calling so I must add a few more pages. Please drop a comment here or visit my other sites. Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy everyday and look for the sunshine around you.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Welcome to my blog. We all have to start somewhere and jump right in to get our feet wet to experience new things. I invite you to respond as you feel necessary so we can all have fun here and share thoughts and opinions.

I write time travel and historical romance and would love to hear from others who enjoy reading or writing time travel novels. Do you have favorite locations, time periods, character type? Post your comments and let's share what we like and don't like.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please visit my other sites and be sure to enter my contest!