Thursday, March 12, 2009

Book trailers

I've been considering this for a while now. I've watched several that are out there posted by other authors and they really are amazing. Some authors have gone to so much detail and precision timing so the pictures change with the beat of the music. I can only hope mine will turn out as good. I'm not sure when I'm going to get the time to produce mine but I will. I'll post a note on my website along with the trailer there and also post it anywhere that I'm allowed to do so! LOL

Pictures are being collected for the trailer for my current book, Never Surrender, and also for my next novel which is about falling in love the second time after losing the first love. The second one takes place in England, 1778 and involves ships, pirates, handsome dukes and a beautiful heroine of course! Collecting trailer pictures is fun but so time consuming I get lost out there. Hubby thinks I forgot about him! That's isn't possible though! He's too important to me!

Then there is deciding what type of music to use but that is fun to listen to also. So many pieces out there too. I hope you stick with me so you can see the end result of the final trailers. I should have more time once May and June roll around so stay bookmarked to my sites and check back often. Have to run for now but I'm out there. Leave me a post on one my sites or stay connected in the background, so long as you stay connected!

Until next time.....happy reading and surfing!