Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reader/Surfer Appreciation....

I consider myself a reader and a surfer of the internet though I should be writing, but we all need a small break once in a while, right? I love clicking from site to site, checking what's out there and how big things actually are on this highway. One could easily get lost or dig so deep into some websites we're not sure where we began or how we got there.

What DOES draw us into one site more than another? Is it the color that pops off the page or more the words that draw us in, promising more if we delve deeper? How long do we spend on a website? Or is it how long do we spend 'inside' a website, tunneling further inside with every click? When you enter, is it like visiting a place that you can actually envision, lined with pictures and soft carpet and smells of brewing coffee or do you imagine yourself enjoying a latte in an overstuffed chair while watching a good movie or reading a good book.

Do you surf and click because you're bored, need to find information, looking to learn something new? We all have different reasons we click and read. Some sites allow us to network with other readers, be a part of a community and actually belong. Those of us who may spend hours alone working look forward to saying hi to those in our network and it makes us feel good or perhaps YOU make someone smile who's having a bad day as they surf around. Those are the good things we look for while we're out here. But I'm glad you stopped in to enjoy a comfy chair and smell the coffee here for a while; I DO appreciate that you took the time. Please know you're welcome to stop in anytime and when you're ready, click on my other sites and venture into the hallways there. Leave me a comment or sign the guestbook, say hi and let me know you stopped in. Don't be a silent visitor, I would enjoy reading that you were here...or there.

Until later, safe surfing and I'll see you soon on the highway! *W*