Saturday, May 2, 2009

Never Surrender - Hero: Taima, Shoshone Warrior

I'm glad you stopped in. I hope I can peak your interest in my hero enough to want to read the book and share it with your friends. I would truly appreciate that. The paperback will be available soon! Visit my sites often for the release date of the paperback.

Let's start where Taima begins....within the dreams that Kate has. He beckons to her yet never gets close enough in the dream for her to actually see who he is. She can see how handsome he is, how sculpted his body is and his magnetism pulls at her, making him irresistable. When she awakens from the dream, all she thinks about is how much she needs to find out who he is, but where does she start? How will she know when she meets him? Most of all, WHY is he haunting her and what does he want?

Taima is a warrior and leader of his people of the Shoshone Nation. His chisled jaw-line and his scultped body only add to the intensity of his blue eyes when he looks at a woman. He's respected and sought after by the women of his tribe, though they know they don't stand a chance with him. They also knew his wife and mother who were killed only a few years ago by white trappers. Taima vows to be true to his woman and refuses to realize he needs another woman in his life to love and hold.

Can spirits reunite more than one hundred years later? What kind of love is it that moves through time, keeping spirits and souls together? Only by reading Never Surrender will you find the answers to a love that bind these two lovers together forever...even through time!

Never Surrender can be purchased from my website. If you think your friends will enjoy reading my time travel novel, I invite you to share my links with them and thank you for doing so. I hope you truly enjoy reading Never Surrender! There are many surprises within the story and I also hope my characters remain alive in your mind for months after you read them.

Again...I thank you!