Sunday, June 7, 2009

Never Surrender paperback IS coming!!

I know I haven't posted as often as I should for those who keep in touch. I'll do better!

I'm so excited and want to share with you the fact that Never Surrender has been uploaded to the printer and the cover is waiting their approval. As soon as the cover is approved, in the next few days, the book will be released for paperback! What an exciting day that'll be for me. I've waited years for this to happen and owe it to Mystic Moon Press for taking a chance on me. I'd like to show them that it WILL sell and their chance on me will pay off. For that to happen, I need your help and that of your friends who love to read. The paperback can be order from the bookstore at or go to my website and click on 'buy now' next to the cover of Never Surrender. Of course, you can still get it from Amazon, Fictionwise, and other sites out there.

The next manuscript to be sent to Mystic Moon Press will be an historical romance set in England with ships, dukes and pirates and of course, a strong heroine! You can also read more about this and my other manuscripts in progress on my website. Stop by, roam along the beach there or sit back in one of my chairs and enjoy my site for a few minutes. Please send it to your friends, join my reader club, subscribe to this blog so it arrives in your email each time I post. Check out my upcoming events. I'll be doing an author chat on June 20th and the 30th, each at different sites so check them out.

I so appreciate my readers. None of this would be possible if the readers didn't visit my sites. Thank you so much. Please enter my contest for a goodie bag filled with bookmarks, a Deanna Jewel t-shirt, other items from me and a copy of Never Surrender either in e-book or paperback.

I look forward to hearing from you, reading your posts here, in my guestbook on the website or in my email. Again, THANK YOU for reading!