Sunday, September 6, 2009

Re-release of Never Surrender!

Hi Again!

Glad you stopped in to see what is happening with me. Maybe you're new and that's great; I love new people to help spread the word about my novels. You will tell your friends, right? Whew, good!

In case you weren't aware, in July I lost my publisher, Mystic Moon Press. They closed down their site and didn't contact any of the authors nor pay them. Luckily, because I was new to them, I didn't have much money that they kept.

Any way, long story short, I am now self-publishing and will have a bit more control so I've got my fingers crossed that I've made a good move. My books will now be printed by and they list books on B & N,, Amazon AND with Ingram Distributors, who sell books to book stores nationwide and I will be listed in the back of their monthly mailings under the Print On Demand books. Any book store will be able to order my book for their stores, so wish me luck there, too!

I now have a new ISBN # and Never Surrender should be available again on the websites in a few short weeks, so keep an eye out for Never Surrender online! I'm pretty excited about this.

My first book signing went well at the end of August. That was held in Lewiston at And Books, Too! and the staff was wonderful! Many people stopped by to say hi and some bought the book. Thank you to all of you!

I'm working hard on my next manuscript so that it can be out by Thanksgiving. The writing is done but the edits are not. Those will get done, along with a book mark to go with the book and a book trailer. Guess you need to know the name of the novel, eh? It's called NO TURNING BACK and is an historical romance set in England, 1775, about finding love a second time when you thought there was no chance of it. Is it possible to love again when you lose the love of your life? Stay tuned to find out more. Want a sneak peek? You can check out a few chapters at The chapters will be found as Fire On The Water. I've since changed the title of that manuscript to No Turning Back but the title is all that got changed, so go peek and leave me a message here or on my website to tell me what you thought.

Thank you for taking the time to read me. Follow me here, on MySpace, Twitter, my reader group, and Facebook. Till later, happy reading! Forward me to your friends!