Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Additional January Contest

I know everyone loves contests and even more when they are the winner! I'm starting another contest in addition to my regular contest and this one will be drawn on Jan 30th AFTER my day with Author Roast and Toast as I'll also have contests that whole day that I spend with those wonderful ladies over there, oh, and we can't leave out Oliver! He is the handsome butler who keeps them all happy.

So be sure to join me at Author Roast and Toast on Friday, January 29th!

Now, back to my new contest. I've titled it 'Word of the Week' because once a week on Sunday, I will post a word, then during the last week, after you've gotten the last word, be sure to send me an email with 'Word of the Week' in the SUBJECT line. Set yourself up a reminder to return to my site to get your WORD! You won't want to miss getting into the contest for a chance to win one of my books. It'll be your choice and they are both listed on my site as well as on my contest page. The contest link on the main page will get you to the contest zone. Good luck and thank you for being a part of this! Tell your friends so they can join in the fun too!

thank you!