Sunday, March 21, 2010

No Turning Back - Release delayed....

Welcome back to my corner of the world!

I'm disappointed that the cover for No Turning Back is holding up the printing process but we're hoping the cover will be approved and ready by March 29 and on its way to the printer. I've been so anxious for this story to get out so you could all read it and let me know what you think. I'm hoping you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

While I wait for that to happen, I have a book trailer to tweak so it runs together better. I have a few other pictures I want to insert and remove a few others. I'm also jumping into my next book which is the lighthouse story with a ghost or two, along with two more wonderful characters that I hope will find a place in your heart as well as live up to the other characters I've given you. Nathan will be a hard hero to top but I'll see what I can do! *wink*

Spring is trying so hard to arrive. The hyacinths are out and so pretty! The daffodils have popped open and the tulips aren't far behind. I want to be out in the gardens; I have plants to move and weeds to pull; the bird baths need to be freshened up. I'm thinking of painting the insides white so they come clean a little easier but we'll see!

Hubby is busy at the office and heading down the home stretch with tax time looming not far off. He puts in long days that turn into long nights but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Then again, maybe not, depending on how many extensions he'll need to file for those who aren't ready to face Uncle Sam yet. I try hard to have all my ducks in a row for him and my expenses in order.

Hopefully we can get in a vacation or two and maybe include a book signing in your area, who knows. Keep an eye on my website as I post where my book signing will be. I've also added a new fan group on my Facebook page called Deanna Jewel Fans so look me up and join my group. A new newsletter was posted Friday, March 19th. If you aren't on my newsletter list, the sign up box is on my website. I'd love to share the newsletter with you.

Until later, enjoy spring as it emerges in your own yard and watch the colors burst open to beckon you outside!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally!! No Turning Back will be released on March 19th!!

Hi Everyone!

I am pleased to announce that No Turning Back will be available approximately March 19th! It feels good to have that off my desk and out to you so I can start marketing and get the word out.

Please help me spread the word that my new historical novel will be available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or direct from! Get your copy today - I would so appreciate it and thank you!

MORE NEWS: In celebration of the novel coming out, I have started a new newsletter for you. Please visit my website where you can sign up to receive my newsletter. I'd love to hear what you think of it. I'll get as much news into as I can but don't want to make too long either. I also have my reader group at Yahoo that everyone can join so you can chat with the other members.

Until later, thank you so much for stopping in to read my news!