Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blog Hops....come check it out!

I just have to share with you something I picked up and joined from another website during the Blogmania event on Friday. It's the Blog Hop link that stays on your site as a gadget. Check it out at the bottom of my blog page. I put it there because it does take up a lot of space with each link being shown so make sure you post your hop in an easy location. I also have my blog showing a limit of two blog postings so it isn't so long and my visitors can find the blog hop.

When you visit my site to check out the hop, add your own blog site to the link, then click on 'copy code' and go back to your own customize section, add a new gadget, I put mine at the bottom, then paste that code into the html box and that's it!! You will now see the blog hop on YOUR blog and all visitors can add their blog to the listing.

The listing of blogs that are included in this blog hop is a variety of blogs, not just those of writers so your blog will get out to hundreds of bloggers who are readers and visitors. I visited so many sites on Friday that I can't remember which site I grabbed the link from but what a great way to add more fun for our blog visitors.

I hope I've helped you add to your site even a little and best of luck with the new hits your site will receive with this little link!