Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

      First, I'd like to honor those who are and have fought for our freedoms that we enjoy here in America. A special thanks, even though it comes from the heart, still cannot compare to the sacrifices they have given for those living here. There a many who are also waiting for their orders to ship out and head over to the battle that still rages in other countries and our thanks goes to all of you as well. We honor all of you this weekend! Thank you!

      Second, I'd like to thank Sharon Donovan for being my guest on Thursday. For those of you who haven't stopped in at her blog or website yet, don't miss the opportunity to do that. Her latest release is a great read. Sharon, I wish you the best of luck and hope you hear from many new readers!

     Do all of you have wonderful plans for this weekend? Leave me a comment and tell me about YOUR plans. I'm hoping the rain stays away at least until Tuesday so I can get out in the yard for a day or two as well as have a few friends over for fun and conversation! The barbie doesn't work well in the rain so here's to sunny skies everywhere!

     I'd also like to share a website with those of you who have small children. The site is owned by a friend of mine and she loved producing these. The site is called Picture Box Kids, has a video to show you the educational DVDs produced for kids and they are wonderful, colorful, and will have your children singing along with Fox! Explore the site as it also has a page to print out the words to the songs in the DVDs and color book pages. I'd love to hear your thoughts after you've visited there. Please take a look at them and order your copies!

Thanks for stopping in, yet again, to visit with me and I hope I've given you a few more places to visit on the net. Enjoy your surfing and stop back again soon!


  1. Sunday opened with a beautiful blue sky and SUNSHINE!! I will be out planting impatients all day because it is suppose to rain on Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully I will know when to take my breaks so that I am able to move on Monday! Happy Memorial weekend to all of you!

    What are YOU doing today?

  2. No special plans really just a cookout with the little-tall brother Tony and family. Which gives me time with favorite niece and nephew but you are sworn to secrecy. If hubby ever finds out I favor my side's nieces and nephews over his he'd be peeowed. I wish I didn't miss Sharon on Thursday though. I had that event up on my facebook page but I still forgot and it wasn't until i checked out Sharon's page in promo events at CTR I would never have known I missed it. Getting old, having memory problems because of medications and health problems truly hugs or bites the big one which ever you prefer. Hope you had a nice holiday weekend.


  3. Hi Robin,

    Thank you for stopping in during you web surf. You can catch Sharon every Friday at her Author Roast and Toast. If you've not stopped in to one of those, you're in for a real treat. The chat is left up all week so you can still go check it out but they're all there on Fridays.

    If you leave a note on her blog she will be sure to answer you. She's such a sweetheart!