Saturday, June 5, 2010

June Jubilee at CoffeTimeRomance!

June is a special month this year at Coffee Time Romance. Each day there will be a guest author or two and in the specialty section there are many areas of conversation happening. Click the icon on the left for June Jubilee and it will take you to the specialty section of Coffee Time Romance. Explore as many areas as you can because many contests and giveaways are going on this month. Don't miss out!

Here is a glimpse into one corner of our backyard. I just love how peaceful  it is and the cobblestone walks meander into different areas back there.  Scroll down about three posts and you'll see our deck where it's also nice to write. We have 17 birdhouses between the front and back yards so birds are always chirping in the morning as they beg for their feeders or baths to be filled.

Oh, we were discussing Coffee Time Romance weren't we?  Find me in the gardening area chatting about my weed beds (of which I didn't take pictures!) and see what I'm giving away at the end of the month. Be sure to get yourself into that drawing, too! There are so many authors involved in June Jubilee and it's one more place to have a great time and it's free! Don't forget - the icon over there on the left for June Jubilee. Come chat with me!