Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New ads out this week...

Hi everyone!

This week is exciting for me! Actually, the next two weeks are exciting with a few ads getting posted on the internet highway. As you surf around in you shiny mousemobile, here are a few more stops you can make to check out my ads. Let me know what you think of them.

I also will be having a five day newsletter done by Eye on Romance that will highlight No Turning Back. The newsletter is set to start on Monday, June 21st so get signed up if you want to read more! In order to view the five day Newsletter, you can sign up at Eye On Romance, just click her newsletter link on the left. Also at the bottom of her page are links to the first two sites below. 

Historical Romance Writers   -  started 6/15 and is up for 4 weeks!

Time Travel Romance   -  started 6/15 and is up for 4 weeks!

Coffee Time Romance  -  started 6/15 and is up for 4 weeks! This is for my book mark, YOU can print your copy!

June Jubilee (click the banner on the left) - I will be posting in the special interests section, garden section, weed beds, throughout the month of June. On June 24th, I will be there in my Author Corner site, look for Deanna and will be there all day to chat with readers. I have a give away that will be pulled at the end of the month for a gift card, go get in the drawing!

Thanks for stopping by, link to me if you aren't already.