Thursday, July 29, 2010

Congratulations to Caroline!
She won the prize package from Michele!

     Thank you for stopping in to meet my guest author today. We’re chatting with Michele Paiva, a dynamic personality with a book that is sure to attract public interest. Please grab a fresh cup of coffee and join us!

Deanna: Michele, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us today. I absolutely love the cover of your book but we'll discuss that later. Great job! Please tell our readers a bit about your upcoming book and yourself.

Michele: My newest book, Fattitude: Lose your F in Attitude is supposed to be shocking and edgy because well, I feel our society needs a wake up call. We need to lose weight, overcome symptoms such as Fibromyalgia, thyroid, stress, insomnia… all of these plus more; these are often doable to overcome and so far no one has combined a system that helps you not only look better but feel better, even diagnostically. I have. I’m excited to share this information and hope it helps each reader who chooses to try the program.

Deanna: I think we’re all ready for a change with summer upon us. Tell us a bit about YOU that your readers might not know.

Michele: Most people do not realize I was once overweight and diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. They assume that I’ve always had it “easy” in the wellness department and that is not the case. I had to overcome quite a bit, including a rape in my early twenties, which all have made me stronger and able to help others even more so. I use challenges and obstacles in the same way you would for self defense; use the energy of the enemy to your advantage; be it the enemy is a wellness challenge or actual attacker!

Deanna: Did something happen in your life that made you want to become a writer?

Michele: I honestly have always wanted to be a writer for as long as I could remember, but also wanted to do SO many things, from being a scientist to being a lawyer. Writing was a venue that allowed me to explore all of the topics plus more that I enjoyed. It’s a passion.

Deanna: Do you write under a pen name?

Michele: No, and that is a great question. I wish I did, and I highly suggest to any new writer to do so. It saves you from being stalked, which I have been, and gives you an enhanced sense of privacy.

Deanna: Did your emotions play a part in the writing of this book?

Michele: It is very hard to write about sensitive topics that hit some people to the core. My current book does this in a way that no other book I have written does. As far as ease, the more generalized I write the better. This was the hardest book I’ve ever written, in terms of the emotional ties I felt to it.

Deanna: Do you read in the same genre that you write in?

Michele: Yes, but I read a lot of genres. I really love books like “Gravy Wars” by Lorraine Ranalli. She has a way of captivating the reader with anecdotes from her life and the lives of others, in a way that makes you feel you are having a conversation with her. I also enjoy the author, Michelle Andrews, who wrote “A Child of Compromise”… one of my favorite up and coming authors. I tend to go for science reading, and one of my favorite science/medical writers is Dr. Sharon Moalem. Of course, I’m big into Ted Talks also; do transcripts count? 

Deanna: What do you usually eat or drink while writing?

Michele: I tend to drink water or my acupuncturists medicinal tea. As far as eating, I eat leftovers during breaks or, just munch on raisins. Sometimes I do natural chocolate chips, raisins and a dash of salt.

     In the winter, I tend to go with a slice of Italian bread, with a little melted butter on top… little luxuries.

Deanna: You look great, Michele. Staying fit and healthy is a job in itself but so rewarding! In health and fitness which is subjective, do you find it hard to be objective?

Michele: No, I don’t. Which is why I feel that this book is revolutionary; it does not assume anything. I feel that has been the problem with almost all of the former programs, diets, books, plans, and so on. It’s impossible to be objective if you assume, and all of the previous programs I have seen assume you can “get rock abs in six weeks” or “lose ten pounds in two weeks”. That is just insane. I customize via a phased system where there is a guide but not a plan per se. The reader is the master of their plan, not me. I only educate and guide.

     I must also say that I do not feel wellness or fitness is subjective; there is a certain level of wellness that most people

Deanna: Do you have anything in the book that would be applicable or interesting for kids?

Michele: This book is to be read by an adult; there is an adult tone and adult situations within the book that a child may not understand. However, an adult can surely utilize this book and increase the wellness for the entire family, from infant to live-in parent or grandparent.

Deanna: What is your best time to write?

Michele: I tend to write in the morning and evening, and often if really in the flow, I just write as much as possible with only necessity breaks! It can get frantic with kids around so I write when I can…

Deanna: I’m assuming you have a home office or space; how do you deal with a frantic home life with a family?

Michele: I have teenagers now and they’ve grown up with me as a writer; so they know when I am writing to only direct a question or gripe if it is a necessity. Overall, I enjoy writing from home and would feel very smothered in an office setting. I take breaks as needed and resume as needed. That being said, I’ve burned my share of meals while being in a writing flow; when time becomes limitless … well, until the fire alarm sounds!

Deanna: Why would someone trust you over a doctor or personal trainer?

Michele: I am not asking anyone to raise me higher than their physician or trainer but unlike either of them, I have nothing to gain by the person being Unwell. A trainer and a doctor both pretty much work with a demographic of need and repeat business. I am hoping for the book and program to create empowerment. I want testimonials that this has worked for people, not repeat business unless I can take them to a new level or make their life easier.

     I’ve interviewed countless doctors, scientists, wellness professionals and have been immersed in the business myself. I’ve been able to glean the best from the best, research and check facts, and look at things in a different light than someone who is working with blinders on or under a contractual agreement to work in a particular way. I do not have the contractual binds nor blinders on, which enables me to be more open to the reader.

     In whole I’d like thank you for this time; it’s so important for me to get the message out that people need not diet, yo-yo diet, kill themselves at a taxing workout or suffer a myriad of symptoms that our society is increasingly OKing… it’s NOT OK to feel horrible or to feel that you look horrible. It is your choice to take that first step and change your world. I am able to provide a doable solution for 99.9% of the readers and I’m very accessible to interact with online for help, support, tips.

     I have great chefs who work with me, to help give my readers ideas on delicious, hearty meals. No need to give up on luxuries and no need to fear food.

     I have a fantastic forum starting up and I’ve love people to join (you don’t need the book to take advantage of the forum)… my website has a lot of interactive features, so do visit!

Thank you, Deanna and I hope to report back to you with a lot of your readers of your blog being success stories!

Deanna: I know there is a story behind the cover of your book. Would you tell us about that…please?

Michele: Hhmm... a tidbit about that cover. I was trying to figure out a shot that would have attitude but be friendly... my daughter is a photographer and she was taking the photos... she said something to me to push my buttons and I shot her a dirty look and she captured it on film... it was the shot she liked best and by vote on Facebook, that was chosen to be the cover. So, though I look like Mommy Dearest now, if you know the story, that is sort of a funny tidbit about the cover shot!

     For the record, I am thankful I have a daughter with talent like this that can do the photos for the book...she's an amazing young lady :)

Deanna: Now that is a cute story. Michele, your website is so full of information! I had a field day hopping through your site; it was lots of fun and informative at the same time!

Readers – Michele is giving away a copy of book and is choosing a winner from those who leave a comment today but she has some things she’d like included with the comment in order to be in the drawing.

The contest:

     Please comment on what you have battled or are battling - something you have or hope to overcome in terms of weight, pain management, anxiety, insomnia or thyroid... anything goes as long as you are being open and sharing.

(1)Anyone who comments here is eligible
(2)tweets or repost it (with a link sent to you) can be eligible for a drawing for a free book and tracker book.

     Good luck everyone. Michele will be around today and Friday to comment back to you so please make her feel welcome and be sure to hop over to her website! You won’t be sorry! Thanks Michele!