Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today we’re on location at the beach beneath the palm trees, enjoying the wonderful warm breeze coming in off the water as we sip tart lemonade with a hint of spirits! I thought this an appropriate setting after reading 'Starting Over' which takes place pretty much on a beach also. Our cabana guys will be happy to grab you a tall glass, just let them know!

Please sit with us here in the shade as we talk with new author, Charmaine Gordon. Charmaine, thank you so much for joining us today! You have two books out already and a third one will soon hit the market. Congratulations! I just finished reading Starting Over and you nearly had me in tears in more than a few spots!

Charmaine:  I love this location! Thank you for having me and I'm happy you enjoyed the book! Thank you also to those who stop in to join us today. Please comment below if you have any questions or comments for me.

Deanna:  Tell us a bit about yourself that our readers don’t know. How did you begin writing?

Charmaine:  Hhmmm….about me? After a long career as an actor, a story popped in my head and needed telling. I'd never written anything before so I sat down with pen and pad and began to write.. .and write. I graduated to a computer, realized there was no time for my other life and kept writing. Thousands of words later, a story was born.

Deanna:  Who is your publisher?

Charmaine:  Not long ago, Vanilla Heart Publishing expressed interest in publishing ‘To Be Continued’. The response has been delightful. My second book with VHP was released in May titled ‘Starting Over’. A third book, just completed yesterday, ‘Now What?’ will be released later this summer.

Deanna:  How do you begin a story and what kind of characters do you write about?

Charmaine:  Beginning with a tragedy of some sort, I write about women who must find a way to survive and reinvent themselves. To Be Continued begins with betrayal; contemporary romance.  Starting Over has a woman unaware that a watcher follows her every move; Suspense/romance. Now What? is what I call a normal paranormal based on the belief that loved ones never leave after they die.

Deanna:  I think many of us might believe in that concept.What is your personal taste in books?

Charmaine:  My taste in books is murder, mayhem, mixed with humor. Robert B.Parker, Elmore Leonard, John Sandford and Susan Isaacs are some of my faves.

Deanna:  Are your characters like you at all?

Charmaine:  I'm not all interested in cooking although two of my characters cook. My personal feeling is - been there, done that. My husband says what's for dinner and I shrug…as in who cares. He cares, sweet man. We work it out; he’s my second husband. First one died suddenly a long while back.

Deanna:  What is your writing style?

Charmaine:  I'd have to say 'loose' or lack of style. I feel and write. It's like acting.

Deanna:  What surprised you about writing?

Charmaine:  The fact that bits and pieces of myself fall into the story without my realizing it.

Deanna:  Where do your ideas come from?

Charmaine:  An idea comes in the night; I make notes in the morning - mull it over for a while and don't start until I've decided a beginning and an end.

Deanna:  Can you tell us a bit about the new book without giving too much away?

Charmaine:  I’ve brought along the Prologue of ‘Now What?’ for our readers:


       It was 2:30 a.m. when the phone rang. I fumbled for it, my heart starting a race toward bad news.

       Our doctor’s voice urged me to hurry. I crammed into clothes as if I expected this call. Actually I thought all would be well, or did I? It was only a fever that wouldn’t go down. Only a fever yet the dogs had curled up next to him on his favorite couch and never left his side all week. His ruddy complexion drained to gray. Only a fever.

       I cried all the way driving too fast on Eden’s Expressway. Then the slow elevator ride to the fourth floor, a sprint down the dim corridor to his room. He lay on the hospital bed where I’d kissed him goodbye not so many hours before. I’d said, “See you tomorrow.” My husband of thirty years replied with words I hadn’t heard in a long time. “I love you.” Not since the heart attack two years before when he began listening to his heart beat and forgot about me. When he said them, other words flashed across my mind, like writing on a sign: Too late, Bobby. Maybe we both sensed the crossroads ahead, the impending doom.

       Our doctor shook his head. “Bob had difficulty breathing. They called me. We did everything possible to save him. I held him in my arms when he took his last breath. Carly, I’m so sorry.”

       I asked him to have everyone leave me alone. Settling in beside my Bob, I held his cooling hand and asked the two words spoken many times during our years together. “Now what?” This time there was no response. I was on my own for the first time.

       My hands caressed his sweet face knowing he wasn’t there. Only his shell lay on the bed. The essence, the beauty of his spirit had moved on. I let my eyes gaze around the colorless room; the water glass half empty now, straw bent for easy access. His toothbrush leaned in a container, toothpaste smeared down its side. The scuffed leather slippers under the bed and striped terry cloth robe—a Christmas gift from the kids, draped over a nearby chair.

       Homey and homely. And the saddest sight I’ve ever seen.

       When my fingers touched his wedding ring, I slipped it off and held it in my fist. The
gold band was warm. I clung to him. “Come back to me, dearest.” I knew from past experience, loved ones always return.

Deanna:  I like that you write on subjects that so many can relate to. You’ve got me curious with this teaser, too. Where can our readers find you

Charmaine:  Main website:
                      FaceBook:  /Charmaine Gordon
                      Twitter:  /Charmaine Gordon
                      Publisher site:  http//
                      Blog Site:

Deanna:  Where can our readers buy your books?

Charmaine: Gordon

Deanna:  Charmaine, it has been a delight to have you with us today. Thank you so much!

Readers – Charmaine has a special contest running Thursday and Friday and a winner will be drawn on Saturday morning! She’s calling it her ‘Name the Grandmother’ Contest and would like YOUR help in naming the grandmother in one of her upcoming novels! The winner will receive a signed copy of ‘To Be Continued

To enter: send an email to Charmaine at:

In the subject line type:  Name the Grandmother

Thank you so much, all of you, for joining both of us today. Charmaine will be around for questions and comments!