Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Author Interview - Trenice Carter

Welcome to the launch party! Please head inside and join the festivities! We're celebrating the release of Who Would Have Thought?: Men of Adonis with fellow romance author Trenice Carter. We're joining her on location today in Minnesota to introduce you to her newest novel! 

Please help yourself to the champagne and we have lots of snacks on the table. Have fun ladies. Oh, be sure to watch out for Alex and Justin who might be hanging around the bar inside!

Deanna: Trenice, you look fabulous today! Thank you so much for joining us. I know how busy you've been getting all the  websites posted and promotions lined up but let's head inside and chat about your book. We're all anxious to find out about these ravishing Men of Adonis! Let's not waste anymore time, our readers are wanting to know more, too!

Trenice:   Hi Deanna.  Thank you for having me. 

Deanna:  Tell us a bit about YOU that our readers might not know.

Trenice: Growing up in New Orleans, LA, I always fantasized.  My grandmother encouraged my imaginary worlds by telling stories while we shucked corn or snapped peas for Sunday dinners.  Seafood etouffee and creole gumbo are my favorite foods.  As I got older, I stopped day dreaming to focus on a career.   About five years ago, bored on the weekend, I walked into Barnes & Noble for something to read.  It was then, the fantasies returned. I started buying titles or series that I was interested in faster than the book stores could stock their shelves.  In the titles of my favorite authors, I always wanted to change the characters personalities or appearances or personal interactions. Therefore, I self-published “Who Would Have Thought?:Men of Adonis” on June 15, 2010 in print @  or kindle @ .  As a side note, I dread my three times a week exercise regimen.  And, I never complete my New Year’s resolutions.
Deanna:  I'm not even touching the New Year's resolutions! What made you want to become a writer?

Trenice:  I became a victim of the recession and decided to create a series, "The Men of Adonis", that focuses on what the male populace ponders, feels, questions, while undergoing - willingly or unexpectedly - the "falling in love" transformation from bachelor to committed partner.

Deanna:  Now that sounds like quite an undertaking. I’m guessing you had to enjoy the research! Now several authors write under another name. Do you write under a pen name?

Trenice:  It never occurred to me not to use my real name.

Deanna:  Your novel revolves around many characters. I found them well rounded and enjoyed getting to know them. The flames on the cover definitely relate to the fire inside!  I have my favorite character types. For you, is there a certain type of character that is easier to write than another?

Trenice:  Yes, the obnoxious ones versus a charismatic lover.  I find that most readers can associate the character Alex to a relative or friend they just want to strangle on a regular basis. 

Deanna:  Alex does sound like a handful for anyone to handle…oops, no pun intended! Do you read in the same genre that you write in?

Trenice:  Yes.  Along with contemporary, I also enjoy reading historical and paranormal romances.  

Deanna:  We know you self-published, but is the title “Who Would Have Thought?: Men of Adonis” your first contemporary novel?

Trenice:  Yes, it is.  And, a great pleasure to write.

Deanna:  Can your book be interpreted as erotic?

Trenice:  Yes.  You MUST be 18+ to read my books.  There are inferred and actual explicit scenes.  

Deanna:  You take your reader right into the happenings of the small town location. What made you chose Blaine, MN as your setting in the book?

Trenice:  Completely by accident.  I did a search on map quest looking for populations of less than 50,000.  The city of Blaine was third on the list.  I always liked the name, so I selected it.

Deanna: Just in the first three chapters, I was impressed with the research you did. Being in the securities industry myself, I was interested in how Justin did his online investing.  So I don’t have to ask if you did a lot of research, I could tell you did.

Trenice:  Yes, I did.  As you know, Steve Kruz is a doctor.  In the book, he diagnoses and treats patients in his practice, as well as, assists and performs surgical procedures in the local hospital, BGH.  Not to mention, courtroom, computer, NYSE, and gallery ownership jargon for the other characters.

Deanna:  I’ve read the book but tell our readers what’s inside the book?

Trenice:Who Would Have Thought?:Men of Adonis” delves into self-reflection, heritage, interracial dating, espionage, tragedy, manipulation, lasting friendships, and all-consuming love.

Deanna:  I found the novel intriguing and your characters very likable. How many books will be in the “Men of Adonis” series?

Trenice:  At present, I plan to write three.

Deanna:  Final question.  What does a day of being Trenice Carter consist of?

Trenice:  I’m focused on promoting my book, working to make the title available in e-book, writing the next installment for the “Men of Adonis” series, and networking with fans and friends on the following websites:

We hope you had a wonderful time and appreciate that you stopped in to join us! Please leave a comment here or questions you might have for Trenice! She's around to answer them for you and waiting to chat with you.


  1. Hi Trenice. Nice to meet you. Another book I will be adding to my reading list. Sounds really good. Really great cover too. Thank you for the giveaway.
    Are there any authors that have influenced your writing? And do you have a favorite author? Any books to reccomend?
    Sue B

    I am not sure if the internet is being wacky this morning but; I am not getting your main website link or blog link to work. Gives me page cannot be found. I will keep trying.

  2. Hello Sue:
    I'm glad to meet you as well, and happy that you like the premiss of the story. As for influences, currently, I am going through a PRN I am a total fan of Larissa Ione and J.D. Ward. However, wait patiently for Lisa Kleypass' next book.

    I'm sorry you had problems trying to log into my website. Please, continue to try. I hope to see you comment for the drawing.

    Have a wonderful day! :D

  3. Hi Sue!! and Trenice!! Thanks for stopping in and helping us to make this a great day for Trenice! Grab some champagne and chocolate strawberries....yummy!

    Trenice, you must be so excited for this day! You've been marketing for a month to make this day happen so I hope you get a few readers to grab a copy of your book today!

  4. I'm just glad you invited me! I hope your best wishes become a reality! If not, I will get to meet many new friends thanks to you.

  5. Hi Deanna & Hi Trenice,
    The "Men of Adonis" series sounds fantastic!

    btw - I too dread my excercise regimen and never stick to my New Year's resolutions either. Now I'm off to find those champagne and chocolate strawberries:)

  6. Thanks for stopping by Yadkny! Just watch out for Alex. He has roaming hands!

  7. Hi Trenice,

    Who doesn't like gumbo? As for novel descriptions, you had me at espionage! I have a soft spot for trilogies and series, will have to add your Men of Adonis to my TBB/TBR list. Great interview, btw!

  8. Deanna, I just fed your fish; it's 7ish p.m. on my end. Just in case you're keeping track of their feeding schedule,lol.

  9. Thanks, Witchy Woman!
    I greatly appreciate your support. In addition, I can't take credit for Deanna's incredible ability to ask the perfect questions.
    Have a wonderful evening! :D

  10. Witchy!! Thanks for popping! So glad to see you, it's been awhile. I'm glad some are feeding my little hungry monsters there!

    Trenice has a great story in this series. I'm sure the next book will be just as good.

  11. Hi Trenice and Deanna,
    Steve and I were just reading "Who would have thought" My imagination is running. Hoping Trenice's Steve LOL meets the woman of his dreams. I have grwon fond of him. Wonder why LOL

  12. Hi Bren and Steve,
    Thank you for stopping by. Steve will eventually. And boy, when he does...LOL

  13. I prefer to write than read, yet I am on page 101 of "Who Would Have Thought". I see parts of myself in each of the men, when do I get my royalty check? lol

  14. LOL

    I am sorry, Steve. There are no royalty checks to be had. But, I hope you are enjoying the story.

  15. What inspired you to write about 3 men who had gone to HS together and then stayed buddies through college and on into adulthood?

  16. Good question, Bren.
    I love reading and found in some series that the male characters never had anyone to lean on or gather advice. That's where the premiss came from. I wanted to show the bond of 3 boys growing into manhood, and the decisions and support they provided each other along the way. You always see it in the main character female plot stories, but never from the males prospective. I hope "Who Would Have Thought?" provides a glimpse into that bond.

  17. Trenice, the party is going well! So many people have stopped in to read about you! Have you paid attention to my site counter at all today? LOL

    Brenda and Steve, thanks for coming. I hope you've enjoyed the champagne and strawberries!

    Trenice, You have to love this part of the country. Great setting for a story and a fantastic story line! I loved that the guys stuck together into adulthood!

  18. I agree, the guests have been fantastic! Between the champagne and strawberries, I read many interesting articules of previous authors and all the activities you are involved in. Goodness, when do you sleep! LOL
    I want to thank you so much for inviting me and hope to visit again soom. :)