Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monthly Contest - two chances to win a gift card!

     If you've not entered my contest yet, I run one monthly on my main website. You're eligible to enter each month. This month I'm giving away a gift card to two winners plus the first place winner also receives one of my tee shirts, pen, sticky notes and a goody bag filled with book marks and post cards from many of my author friends! You don't want to miss out on winning so be sure to enter HERE!

Readers:  Want to get your OWN goody bag? On the above contest link page, I've posted a note on how to get your own bag ordered!

Fellow Authors:  I'd be happy to included your promo items with the others in the bags. If you'd like me to add YOUR book marks or post cards or promo item to these goody bags, please send them to me at:  PO Box 536, Lewiston Idaho   83501

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