Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reading for mini vacations...

Do many of the books you read take you to another location? Are some authors better at that than others? I hope my novels can do that for those who read my work; I strive to pull the reader into the story and perhaps become a silent character who follows my hero and heroine around.

Leave a comment and tell us of some current, or even past, novels that have pulled you into an unforgettable location. Don't forget to tell us who the author was so we can check them out, too.


  1. I have 3 besides your No turning Back book that I really loved this year. The Ocean Between by Lynda Coker. She toke me to a far away land that sounded beautiful. I could not put this book down. Simple Wishes by Lisa Dale. I loved the way this author wrote. And the end really surprised me. It was not what I thought was going to happen. This one was in the US but; it still made me want to go there. Kerrelyn Sparks The Vampire and the Virgin. She toke me to a far away place. This is book 8 I think which I didn't know at the time but; I really didn't feel lost not reading the others. I really enjoyed the way so wrote. And now I want to read the rest. I kind of read a variety of books.

  2. Sue, thanks for the new book suggestions! Maybe others will grab them to read also!