Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thank you authors!

     I want to thank all of the authors who have blogged with me here and those who will be blogging with me. There have been so many great interviews, but I'm not finished yet, nor will I be for quite a while. I have interviews scheduled to mid October and I'm scheduling more every week. If you'd like to schedule an interview to introduce your book to our readers, please email me to get it set up! Visit often so you don't miss a single interview. Many of the interviews also run a contest for the readers who drop in to leave a comment.

     As you read through the past interviews in my blog, I hope you find more than a few new authors to add to your TBR pile. There are some awesome stories out there - some contemporary, some historical, a few time travels and one or two self-help books. Please enjoy yourself as you roam through my blog. I hope you decide to follow me here, also on my FB Fan Page and my website has lots to do.

     I invite you to leave comments on this post as well as any other post you read here.

     Again, I want to give out a huge thank you to the authors who took/are taking the time to do the interviews with me! You are all awesome! Visit their websites and blogs, too!

     Have YOU enjoyed the interviews so far?!


  1. I wanted to say thank you to as a reader. I am really enjoying finding new authors and their books.
    Sue B

  2. Sue, thanks! I'm glad you enjoy stopping by to see who's 'in the house' LOL I always look forward to seeing you.

  3. I loved the archeological pix you added etc. Thanks again for such a fun interview!