Saturday, August 14, 2010

What draws you to a new author?

Thanks for popping in! I do hope you can help a bit since you're already here. Many will pop in to read the comments to this post so please do leave a comment. As a self published author, I would like to know what makes a reader try a new author. Is it the ads, a recommendation from friends or a review you read, maybe watched a book trailer or is it ONLY the cover of a book that draws you in?

Please comment so others can comment back. Other authors are also interested in your answers so please don't leave without a comment. We want to interest and intrigue you with our writing but we need to know what YOU look for and why you would try a new author.

Perhaps I should incorporate this photo into the new cover because this is how I see Taima and Kate when I found this on Jim Thomas' Romance Cover Photo site! If you like this, click the button below! *w*

Thanks for your help!