Saturday, August 14, 2010

What draws you to a new author?

Thanks for popping in! I do hope you can help a bit since you're already here. Many will pop in to read the comments to this post so please do leave a comment. As a self published author, I would like to know what makes a reader try a new author. Is it the ads, a recommendation from friends or a review you read, maybe watched a book trailer or is it ONLY the cover of a book that draws you in?

Please comment so others can comment back. Other authors are also interested in your answers so please don't leave without a comment. We want to interest and intrigue you with our writing but we need to know what YOU look for and why you would try a new author.

Perhaps I should incorporate this photo into the new cover because this is how I see Taima and Kate when I found this on Jim Thomas' Romance Cover Photo site! If you like this, click the button below! *w*

Thanks for your help!


  1. Hi Deanna. For me the excerpt's or a short story sure helps. And my biggest thing is an author being really nice and friendly. I really love interacting with an author. I have found many new authors from them doing blog tours and giving away a book or swag. I end up looking up a lot of authors and sign up for newsletters just because of finding them on these. Also when someone has read that author and said how good their book is. Even if someone might not like the book as much I still might read it if it sounds good to me. Yes I have a thing for book covers. They do draw me in and I love book trailers. I personally was looking for new authors as I was getting tired of reading the same type of books and wanting something new and differant. I feel I have met some wonderful authors and booklovers.

  2. I forgot to say that one of things that is most endearing to me about an author is that they take the time out of their busy schedule to respond to your blog post or email. Even with a simple hello or thanks. It means the world to me especially when I know how busy they are with their own life.
    Sue B

  3. Sue, thanks for your input. I always try to respond on my blog or if I'm a guest. We are asking readers to leave a comment and if we aren't there to comment back, why should we expect someone to leave a comment? Readers are who help launch an author. Without you, an author can't expect to go very far.

    Thanks for following me. I know you go to several of my websites and guest blogs that I do!! Thank you so much for always being there.

  4. I have been introduced to so many new authors from following blogs and reading reviews. I love romance, suspense, intrigue, so those are the things I look for in a book. When I don't know the author I read the back cover and sometimes flip through and read a little bit of several chapters. Of course the cover will always draw the eye so an appealing cover is always good.
    I just read a great reveiw of No Turning Back and have added to my wish list. I forgot where I read it, my mind comes and goes and sometimes it gets lost. lol

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com