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Author Interview - Brendy Woody & Steve Tindle

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I must warn you – This interview is a bit different from my norm, just so you know. My guests today are erotic authors, Brenda Woody and Steve Tindle!!

Our virtual location today is IN THE HOT TUB! Yes, we have lots of room so everyone can relax and enjoy...but I'll be a party pooper - bathing suits must remain on for my PG site! LOL! I’ll not be held responsible for anything that happens, and I don’t want to KNOW everything that might happen!  LOL  We also have a wonderful roaming bartender so we don’t have to get out and trickle water everywhere! Sooo, that said, grab your first drink, slip into the tub and let your troubles drift away because today we have two wonderful authors with us, Brenda and Steve, who write as a team. I’ve read some of their work and….whew, it’s already steamy out here! Their first book was released in June and they are hard at work on future releases.

When we’re finished with their interview, please comment at the end with any questions you might have, or comments, and they are going to pull a winner from the comments to win a signed copy of BEST LOVER IN TOWN! Let’s get in and get relaxed!

Deanna: I see you both have your White Russians in hand. I have mine and it’s so smooth, yummy! Tell us a bit about yourselves that our readers might not know.

Steve:  Thank you for having us here today and for having such a great bartender. Tub side service – kind of nice! Brenda and I went to the same high school in Hinesville, Georgia. In 2008, our 30th reunion was coming up and we both started looking online to find old friends. Brenda found me on MySpace; we started writing each other about the reunion and what we were doing. Emails went to chatting, and we finally exchanged cell numbers. We learned we had much in common; we had lived close to each other various times over the years but never knew it. We had both written poems and started writing rhymes to each other.

Brenda: Steve swore he found me on MySpace first until we looked back at the messages. LOL We had classes together and had mutual friends in high school but we never hung out. Although I remember a day after class he was standing in the hall leaning against the wall. I stopped to talk to him and I remember thinking “he has the nicest eyes”. I thought he was shy and didn’t flirt with him; little did I know.
     Together we have seven grown children and four grandchildren.

Deanna: How interesting that after all these years, you’re together again. I love it! What happened that made you want to become writers?

Steve:  Brenda had begun a novel years before she contacted me. She mentioned she had always wanted to be published (a dream I had given up on during college) but she never got the support she needed from anyone. I had her send me her work to review. I made some changes, which she liked, and we fed off each other to complete “Best Lover in Town”. Writing together brought us closer because we had to communicate our past experiences, fantasies, dreams, and desires. We did most of the work on “Best Lover in Town” while Brenda was in Beaverton, Oregon and I was in Plano, Texas. Connecting the computers together via the internet, we edited the work at the same time. By the time Brenda moved to Plano to finish the manuscript, we knew each other better than we did 30 years ago.

Brenda: We both have poetry posted on and I have poetry on The rhymes Steve mentions above; I still have all those emails saved. Maybe one day we will publish a book of poems.

Deanna: Being able to write and edit together is wonderful. Do you write under a pen name?

Steve:  No, we use our real names; although some of our family members would have preferred us to use a pen name. Our publisher wanted me to use my given name of Steven or Stephen to be more sophisticated but we decided our friends might not know who I was.

Deanna: Is there a certain type of character that is easier to write than another?

Steve:  Our characters are all different but easy to write about. Brenda and I discuss how each will react to various situations. Writing as a team we give special insights from both the male and female perspective.

Deanna: That has to be a great help to have a partner you can get instant feedback from. Do you read in the same genre that you write in?

Steve:  I rarely read at all, when I do it’s for information not pleasure.

Brenda: Yes. I am an avid reader. My first hot sizzling romantic novel was “Shanna” by Katherine Woodiwiss. My mom let me read this book at sixteen. I was hooked on romance for many years. As an older adult I started reading mysteries.

Deanna: Woodiwiss is one of my all-time favorites as is her novel ‘Shanna’! What are your future works about?

Steve:  Our publisher wanted to publish a collection of short stories by various authors and asked us to submit one for “Temptation Triggers”. We stopped working on our second novel to focus on the short story. A few months after we submitted, they informed us they liked the story and decided to dedicate the whole anthology to our short stories. We decided to write eleven stories because it is due out in the summer of 2011. We are currently working on number 6. We have notes on nine more novels in various stages.

Deanna:  Wow! I find that so exciting that you two write together. I know of another husband/wife team who write for Blaze. They’re great too! How did you come up with the title of “Best Lover in Town”?

Steve:  We knew the BLT was going to be Janet’s favorite sandwich because its Brenda’s favorite. While my teenage children and I were out eating one evening, we played around with different words to represent B-L-T. We finally came up with “Best Lover in Town” after several iterations.

Brenda: We also joked about my initials becoming B-L-T if Steve & I ever get married. 

Deanna: You two do have a lot of symbolisms together! Where do you get your inspiration?

Steve:  Inspiration comes from many sources. One friend wants us to write about a cowboy; Brenda’s mom wants us to write a mystery. We always keep a note pad handy or a computer with us to write down ideas. Ideas might come from a single line off the TV or a phone conversation with family and friends. Be careful what you say, it might end up in our books. 

Brenda: My mom had always hoped I would write children books. If we do, we will definitely have to use a pseudonym.

Deanna: That might be a good idea, Brenda! LOL How do you determine the character’s names?

Steve:  Nathan in “Best Lover in Town” took some time to decide on. We needed a name that started and ended with the same letter. That’s a special hint for all your readers.
     Patty Melt in “Temptation Triggers” was named for the sandwich I bought Brenda on Valentine’s Day 2010. Not all of our works are based on food names, although Brenda does love BLTs and Patty Melts.
     Some names are based on their profession or on a time period. Buffy couldn’t be used for our 1910 short story.
     We try not to use names of family or friends, but when we do it’s never a reflection of them personally.

Brenda: I think the character names come fairly easy for us. Once we start thinking of a story to write, we are already writing down a name for each character. Their name reflects the person they are.

Deanna: Is everyone having a good time? I’m glad all the tubs are so close. Everyone can hear that way. Steve and Brenda, are there any hidden gems readers should be looking for in your works?

Steve:  We like to add common items in our work so when the reader sees an item we used it will make them think of “Best Lover in Town”. We have been told by readers they will never look at a BLT sandwich the same way. We hope the same holds true for Patty Melt. Maybe we will use Rueben in an upcoming story.

Brenda: Steve likes to use symbolism in our writing. He was surprised when he found out his birthday is 3-5 and mine is 5-3. When reading “Best Lover in Town”, you definitely need to look for symbolisms. 

Deanna: Who are your favorite authors or books to read?

Brenda: My favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Patricia Cornwall, and a new author P. Q. Glisson. My favorite reads are erotic short stories and mysteries (who done it?). I stopped reading romance books along time ago until I bought P. Q. Glisson’s book. However, her book has a twist I hear.

Deanna: What websites do you promote “Best Lover in Town and your future books on?


Deanna: Another round of drinks? This is very nice not having to get out for them, thank you! Do you two have any advice for aspiring authors?

Steve: Write about what you know. If you want to write about something you don’t know, be aware it will take three times the effort to complete. We are currently writing a short story based in 1910. Research for the time period is taking longer than the actual writing of the story. We have to be accurate and true to the time with hair styles, clothing, and what was available to the time, etc.

Brenda: If you have always wanted to write a novel; just do it. Write something everyday. Always take a notepad and pen with you; you never know when an idea will hit you. When you submit your manuscript to publishers, be sure to follow their submission guidelines to the T.

Deanna: Can we post an excerpt for the readers? I have to keep this PG but I think this one will pass.

Steve: Please share the excerpt with everyone, I think they’ll enjoy it and want their own copy so they can finish reading Janet and Nathan’s story.

Best Lover in Town: Excerpt:

     It is turning out to be a beautiful summer day in Peoria, Illinois, as Janet arrives early for work. She loves her new job and co-workers at the Archer Marketing Company. Archer Marketing is a large advertising agency with several offices across the country including New York City and Seattle. Her team is small enough to know each other personally. Janet, her boss Nathan Lovett, who is the top advertising agent, and a few other team members have an afternoon teleconference with the New York office. She wants to be totally prepared to impress her peers.
     Arriving at her desk, she notices she is the first one to show up. She sets up her laptop, reflecting on the past three months at her new position before she gets busy. The office environment is laid back. There is a lot of friendly flirting between the team and Nathan is the most handsome boss she has ever had. She looks out her seventh floor window at the magnificent sun rise. Her view is a mural of the surrounding city. All glass exterior walls allowing the sunlight to fill her office.
     Janet gets busy reviewing the ad campaign. As the rest of the team start to arrive for the busy day ahead, the normal greetings and simple chats resound in the office area. Everyone is having a great morning. Fridays are casual days so the employees are allowed to wear jeans. The entire group is excited as it is a payday weekend; informing the other teammates of their plans. Madison, Janet’s new friend, is especially excited about a party she is planning to attend. She attends many parties, boasting about them to anyone who will listen.
     Nathan arrives a few minutes late and everybody greets him. He had stopped by the bakery to pick up donuts. The team gathers around him. He looks at Janet as she takes a donut from the box. Their eyes meet as they have done so many times before, causing Janet’s heart to melt. This isn’t the first time he has made her knees weak nor would it be the last. She remembers the times they crossed paths in the hallways. Sometimes she would move closer to him so they would touch each other in passing. It was just casual flirting. Nonetheless, he seemed to like it.
     “Are you ready for the big meeting this afternoon?” Nathan  asks, breaking the silence between them.
     “Yes, I was just reviewing the ad this morning,” Janet says cheerfully.
     “Good. I'm sure we will do fine. You've done a great jobpreparing the ad. I know they will love it as much as I do.”
     The office personnel work like a well-oiled machine so the morning passes quickly. Team members come and go as they give Janet new information for the meeting. All of a sudden there is a huge bang in the building. Everyone quits what they are doing, curious to determine the source of the noise. All is quiet for several minutes as they listen. Nathan makes some phone calls. He discovers the problem and explains to the team.
     “Maintenance says one of the building’s air conditioners has failed. They should have it fixed soon. I will keep you posted so let’s get back to work,” Nathan informs them before returning to his office.
     The temperature in the building starts to rise as the sun shines through the windows in addition to no cool air. Team members become uncomfortable as sweat trickles down their bodies. Shirts and blouses become partially unbuttoned to stay cooler.
     Because of the building’s policies, no electric fans are allowed. The normal flirting gets hotter as the temperature goes up. The agitated staff uses flirting as a release from the tension caused by the heat. An hour later, Nathan gives the team an update.
     “I just got an email from maintenance. They said it might take several hours to get the parts for the air conditioner. It might not be fixed until tomorrow. If you aren't attending the afternoon meeting with New York, you are free to work remotely from home for the rest of the day. The rest of us will be leaving after the meeting. See all of you back here on Monday. Have a great weekend.”
     Madison is the first to pack up her laptop. On her way out she stops by Janet’s desk.
     “I will call you sometime on Sunday to tell you about the party. I know you will be working as you always do,” she says.
     “Okay. You have a great time,” Janet says smiling as Madison leaves.
     As excused workers head out the door, the remaining staff adjourns to the conference room. It is hot, causing several shirts to be soaked with sweat. Janet can see Nathan’s chest hair through his shirt which affects her concentration on the conference call. She is hoping he doesn’t notice her staring at him.
     New York generally likes the ad campaign however wants a few changes. With every modification Janet squirms. She feels she has let the team down. Nathan glances at Janet,
noticing her unbuttoned blouse, exposing the top of her bra. He is hoping to see more as she fidgets in her chair. The conference is over in under an hour, though it felt much longer.
     “That went well,” Nathan says as he shuts down his laptop.
     “What do you mean? All the work we put in, now all these changes.” Janet argues.
     “Let me tell you a secret. The first ad campaign I submitted to New York, they tore it apart. I felt like they ripped me a new one. These were minor changes compared to what I had to fix. They like your concept. Moreover, they like you. You have a great future here. I’m glad I hired you; so is my team. Go home, relax; we can pick it up on Monday.”
Janet gathers her things to leave.
* * *

     Arriving at her house, she can’t get the meeting out of her mind. She works for a few hours updating the campaign per the New York request. She stops working to fix herself a BLT. As she turns on the television the phone rings. It is Nathan. He has a brainstorm and wants to come over to finalize the ad for the next meeting with New York. Janet tells him that would be fine, and then reprimands herself for giving in so easily while hanging up the phone. She wishes she had said no to his request this time too. Nathan had asked her out twice; either for dinner or a late night coffee. She had not taken him seriously, thus she declined both times. Janet is not intimated by high powered men; however, the thought of Nathan is overpowering. She doesn’t understand why. Even though she has fantasized about him in bed, she never dreamed he would ask to come to her house. She looked forward to a relaxing evening. “Why do I have to have the best looking boss in town?” she wonders.
     “Well, my supper and the boob tube will have to wait,” she mutters as she puts her BLT in the refrigerator. She remembers what her mother had always said: "Don’t fish off the company's dock.” “Well, going over work won't hurt Momma,” she thinks, waiting in anticipation for his knock at the door.
     Janet hears a car stop in the driveway. She takes one last look in the mirror hanging in the hall. “No makeup, yet my face glows.” She nervously opens the front door. Nathan’s hand is in mid air to knock. His breath is taken away when Janet opens the door. “My god,” he thinks. “She is beautiful.” He knows it is going to be hard to keep his mind on business.
     He was glad to have won her over from his competing company after hearing how good she was at her past job. Since hiring her, he felt she must have been ready for a change. So far she hadn't openly expressed why she was eager to leave her other job. Nathan has a suspicion that Janet’s ex-boss was very controlling and verbally abusive.      “I’m delighted she accepted the position because now I have the best advertising assistant in town,” he thinks.
     Janet invites Nathan in. While giving him a tour of her house, his first thought is “organization” just like her desk at work. The earthy decor suits her.
     "Well, let’s get started," Nathan says, clearing his throat to cover his nervousness.
     “Why am I feeling like a kid in high school?” he thinks.
     Janet cleans off the dining room table so they can lay out the ad. They stand a few inches apart viewing the large prints, aware of the nearness of each others body. Nathan again clears his throat. Janet leans over the table. Nathan has a nice view of her backside. “Nice long legs.”
     She is conscious of his eyes moving over her body. This makes her nervous as a little grin forms on her lips. "This one," she decides as she picks up the print to hand it to him.
     Their fingers briefly touch. The touch is like fire searing up each of their arms. Janet is the first to avert her eyes while clearing her throat. Nathan raises an eyebrow. “She is just as nervous as I am.”
     “Would you like something to drink?”
     "Just a beer if it’s not too inconvenient." Nathan watches Janet walk away into the kitchen. He considers what it would be like to run his hands down her body while kissing her. “Okay, keep your mind on work.”
     Janet returns with two bottles of beer.
     “Ah, someone knows their beer.” He takes the chilled dark brew from her hand. Again their fingers touch, this time they linger a few extra seconds.
     "I think what our client is looking for is a worldly attitude," Janet says to break the silence.
     She turns toward the table in thought. Nathan can see her long neck as her head is arched back. He imagines the roundness of her breasts underneath her t-shirt. Nathan steps closer not realizing that if Janet turns around she would be against his chest. Janet can feel his breath on her hair.
     "Janet, I want you to know, I…" He stops.
     Nathan cannot help himself any longer.
     He whispers in her hair. "I want you."
     Janet is surprised to hear these words from Nathan. Her mind starts playing games with her. “He’s my boss. He’s 10 years younger than me. Why does he want me when he could have anyone he chooses? But oh man, he would feel so good right now!” She could feel her own wetness building up inside. Her body is ready yet her mind won’t yield to her desire for pleasure.
     All Janet’s life she has wanted to find the perfect mate to explore the magic of sex. She is well read. However, she has never acted on her desires thinking there is not a man willing to teach her. Does Nathan possess the passion she is craving? Will a younger man have the knowledge she needs to drain? Will Nathan be willing to act out all Janet’s fantasies? Janet’s mind is finally getting in sync with her body as her sweet wetness is now moistening her jeans.
     As Janet regains her thoughts, she deliberately leans her body into Nathan’s. She wants him to hold her close as he kisses her hair. The thought of Nathan touching her excites her. She wonders how he will react to her being so bold. Her pulse is racing. She feels his breath on her hair. She has already passed the stopping point whole heartedly giving into her body’s desires.

Deanna: Whew….um, ok…..I know all of you want your own copy now so you can finish that scene and many more. Be sure to visit their websites above and get your copy. Brenda, Steve, I’ve had way too much fun today and hate it to end. You’ll stick around for questions and comments, I hope. The bartender will be with us until we are finished here.

Brenda: We’ll be here to answer their questions and continue to party with them. Thank you so much for having us today. *waving her empty glass at the bartender*

Steve: Deanna, we’ve enjoyed meeting your readers too! I can’t wait to chat with them! Don't forget, we're giving away a signed copy of BLT to one commenter Sunday night!