Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Congrats to the WINNERS!!!!
 Kristin C   &   Lona W
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     You're in the right place! I want to thank you for stopping in today! We’ve done all the work for you. No hunting or surfing. Each blog will have a number. These numbers will allow you to keep track of which blogs you’ve visited and how many are left to visit. Why not take a moment to make a list of blog numbers  1-170 and check off the blogs as you go.

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  " Let Me Take You to Dinner!'

Four Winners!!

    Each:  $25 Dinner Gift Card, winners choice of restaurant
      PLUS a gift of chocolates from Cowgirl Chocolates!

Please visit or bookmark their website when you get a chance and order some of your own 'spicy' chocolates and caramels! They are to-die-for yummy!

Contest Entry Instructions: (International)

1 - Send me an EMAIL with 'blogmania' in the subject line 
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2 - For another entry, send me a second email if you followed my blog and paste in the comment from the follow 'you are now following....'

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