Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

We had a wonderful day with some great friends we consider as close as family! To the family who live too far away, we love and miss you! I hope the rest of you have a great day, too! The food was great, the conversation funny, and the pie was wonderful!

Let's not forget those who are far from family and friends fighting for our right to be with family and friends and our right to do as we please here in America. To those who fight for our freedom in another country, we wish you good food and close friends when you're so far away. You have our blessing - hurry home and stay safe! We love and miss you all!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog Jog Day - Nov 21st!

 And the winners are:

aries18 and Patricia R!

Congrats to both of you! Enjoy the Chocolates!

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I'm proud to be a part of the Blog Jog Day and hope you're book marking several blogs so you can return to those you liked most. I write romance novels and until recently, thought I wrote historical and time travel, but am finding my current 'work in progress' is a contemporary. So, now I'll have to change many of my sites to reflect the new me, right? LOL

We all have to be open to change and not all of the changes are something we can control. The stories in my head don't ask my opinion, they just begin and take over until I have written down all their information for you to read. Yes, that is exactly how it is. The characters don't care that they are contemporary and I'm a writer of historicals so I will just take down their information and add to their story in hopes it will be something you'll not be able to put down once you've started turning my pages. I'll do my best to keep it exciting so you don't dog ear too many pages and I'll apologize now for the housework you might not get done, or the dinners that may be late or sleep you might lose.

I hope I've piqued your interest so you will book mark MY page and come back later, or please feel free to wander around now. My website has lots of goodies on it, too, and that will lead you to even more websites of wonderful writers. I thank you for the time you've spent here and the time you WILL spend later when you pop back in to find out what I'm up to next....thank you so much! I appreciate your time.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Back from my travels!

Hi everyone! I'm glad to be home but flying isn't good for my lungs as I'm down with another respiratory infection. I hate that I have to take time out to sleep and recharge my batteries so if anyone has a clone machine out there, please let me know. I hear clones don't need to recharge, they just keep going! I need one now! LOL

I had a wonderful time back in Ohio, short of being sick when I landed, but I wore surgical masks and hope that was enough not to make baby and mom and dad sick. Got my fingers crossed on that one but they wouldn't let me go to a motel while I was sick; hoping I didn't leave too many germs at their house. My oldest daughter and her baby came to visit so we had a full house and I got to enjoy both daughters and granddaughters! What fun! Today is also the oldest granddaughters birthday and she is two today. Happy Birthday, Elaina!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

We have a NEW granddaughter!


         Tessa Rae has made her appearance into the world! She is 7 lbs 8 oz and is 21.5 inches long! Her mom was only 19.5 inches long when she was born so Tessa needed more room to move around. Can't wait to hold her! I'll be there Monday evening and both mom and baby should be home by the time I get there.


        My oldest daughter, Lisa, will be picking me up at the airport with granddaughter #1, Elaina, so we should have a fun few days!

Thank you for stopping by to take a peek at both granddaughters!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At convention with hubby then headed east to welcome grandbaby #2!

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've not had interviews on the site in a while. I'm currently with hubby at convention in Vegas learning a few things from other business owners. It's fun to hear what others do to get new customers. Now this is really no different than getting new readers because we all still have to market and constantly be alert for new ideas to do the same type of marketing.

On Monday, I head east to welcome our new granddaughter into the world. I'm not sure if she will arrive before I do or not but her mum sure is hoping she does! Her name will be Tessa Rae and I can't wait to hold her. I'll also get to see daughter number one and her baby will be two shortly so we'll have a birthday party too. We're looking forward to having a great time. I haven't seen them in over a year!

I'm also hoping to get together with a few friends and fellow writers in Toledo while I'm there. Ten days should allow me plenty of time to visit but I know it still won't be long enough! I'll post some pics on my FB Fan Page when Tessa arrives. Thank you for stopping in!