Friday, November 19, 2010

Back from my travels!

Hi everyone! I'm glad to be home but flying isn't good for my lungs as I'm down with another respiratory infection. I hate that I have to take time out to sleep and recharge my batteries so if anyone has a clone machine out there, please let me know. I hear clones don't need to recharge, they just keep going! I need one now! LOL

I had a wonderful time back in Ohio, short of being sick when I landed, but I wore surgical masks and hope that was enough not to make baby and mom and dad sick. Got my fingers crossed on that one but they wouldn't let me go to a motel while I was sick; hoping I didn't leave too many germs at their house. My oldest daughter and her baby came to visit so we had a full house and I got to enjoy both daughters and granddaughters! What fun! Today is also the oldest granddaughters birthday and she is two today. Happy Birthday, Elaina!