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Author Interview - Renee Vincent - Historical Romance

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Welcome readers! We're glad you joined us. Today we're on the castle grounds in Ireland with Renee Vincent and Breandan from her newest release, Mac Liam, book two in her Emerald Isle Triology. I'm excited that she was able to make a stop here on her virtual tour with Breandan and her books.

Deanna:  Renee, for those of us who have read  Raeliksen, we can't wait to get our hands on this book! Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us. What is a typical writing day like for you? Do you play music as you write? Does your office have a window?

Renee:  A typical writing day includes me promoting my fellow authors first on Deep In The Heart Romance, answering emails, and then taking a trip outside with my morning coffee (weather permitting, of course) to think over what I’m going to write for the day. I prefer to lay it all out in my head first and then sit down at my writing desk, where the scenes can start to play out on the computer. My husband thinks I’m nuts for doing that, especially since my historicals contain so much detailed content and complex twists. But if I wrote an outline of what was going to happen, I would spend more time modifying the summary than just writing it out in story form.
      I love music and my life has always been filled with listening to many different kinds. But I cannot listen to music as I write. However, if I’m going to write a huge battle scene, I like to get all psyched up for the event by listening to some hard rock music like Nickelback or Breaking Benjamin. But if I’m going to write a sensual scene, I prefer to get out my Braveheart or Troy Soundtrack and indulge in the love theme songs.
      And yes, my writing room has a huge window! It used to be my living room, but I’ve turned it into an office since our TV and surround sound stereo is downstairs now. I have many great pictures in my writing room too: a beautiful limited edition of the Phantom of the Opera painting by the great Jon Paul Ferrara, a gorgeous map of the Aran Islands off Ireland’s west coast, a 1900 original painting of a castle from my late great grandmother’s wedding, a few castle paintings from my children, and a spectacular painting of King Arthur on his steed! In a room surrounded by all this history, one is bound to write a memorable love story.

Deanna:  That all sounds like a wonderful place to create stories. Do you have a favorite plot or conflict for your books?

Renee I can’t say I have a favorite, although I love the depth of the plots in historical romances verses contemporaries. I feel I am not as limited in what the medieval hero is allowed to do, and if a hero happens to avenge another, I don’t have to deal with legalities of the justice system thereafter. He can literally mow the foe down to save his love and I don’t have to get lawyers involved for his vindicated slaughtering.

Deanna:  Did you have a character likeness in mind when you wrote Breandan or did a vision of him come to you after you started his character? Do you have to have a mind’s image of characters before you truly delve into them as a person?

Renee:  I definitely have to find a man that fits my image, whether famous or not, in order to really write my hero well. I like to describe their features straight from a picture I’ve found and of course run like mad with my own impression of them for character development. The person I had in mind for Breandán Mac Liam is actor Henry Cavill. I first noticed him in one of my favorite medieval movies Tristan and Isolde, and then fell head over heels for him in Tudors. His body build fits Breandán perfectly and actually the man on my cover looks a bit like him too. I was very pleased with that.

Deanna:  I know you have a sound track available for Raeliksen. Will one be available for Mac Liam?

Renee: We’ve talked about it. But I’m not sure if Mícheál Ó Caoinleain will have the time to orchestrate something like this. Who knows…maybe in the future sometime. It’s definitely not a firm “no” though.

Deanna:  Breandan, what is it that draws you to a woman?

Breandan:  Well first Deanna, I’d like to thank you for inviting me to your blog for an interview. It was most generous of you to include me and I am very grateful for the opportunity to meet your readers. And secondly, to answer your question, I can honestly say I am not drawn to any particular type of woman—only Mara. You see, she is the only woman I have ever loved. From the moment I first saw her, she grabbed my attention and held it so profoundly, I could not rid her from my mind, no matter how many years have since passed. Though she knows not of my love for her, I know I belong with her, and in Mac Liam, I try to make her understand that—with gentle persuasion of course.

Deanna:  Do strong women appeal to you? If she can make her own decisions, know what she wants from life, command respect from those around her and still be gentle, do you still find her a challenge?

Breandan: I have always found Mara to be a challenge, simply because she loved Dægan first.  And although I would never want to come between them, life has a strange way of creating opportunities you can neither predict nor avoid. In Mac Liam, I have been given a reason to see her again, and of course, because of my love for her—to make sure she is safe and happy—I willingly go to her. Her happiness is all I care about. And the challenge I find, when I reach her, is holding myself back. I have to learn to restrain my emotions for her sake. Which I might add, is very difficult for a man who has dreamed of this woman every second of every day for seven long years.

Deanna:  Renee, can you tell us a bit about Mac Liam?

Renee:  I’d love to. Here is the blurb:

A tortured soul…
      Breandán Mac Liam, the strapping young hunter from Ireland’s lush forests, is in love with Mara, an ineligible beautiful princess. For seven long years, he has been vividly haunted by her memory, taunted by the throes of his heartache. And not even the thought of her marriage to a Northman can extinguish the fierce, burning desire running rampant through his heart and soul.

An innocent heart…
      Mara, the spirited Connacht princess, has no idea she is the object of the Irishman’s longing. She is living out her days on Inis Mór, raising a troubled son and trying to endure the cruel loneliness that afflicts her.

A deadly secret…
      Ordered by the king on his deathbed, Breandán must return to Mara and bring her through the perilous lands of Connacht to fulfill her father’s last dying wish. But as their worlds collide, Breandán not only finds himself wrapped in the arms of Mara’s embrace, but thrown into a struggle to defend his honor.

      With Mara caught between the family she loves and the father she knows, can Breandán uncover the mystery of her past and still protect her from a secret that threatens them all?

Breandan:  And if it’s ok with you Deanna, I would like to share one of my favorite scenes with your readers.


      Breandán held poised, his own dismay keeping him frozen in his spot. Whatever reasons he feared in seeing Mara again, they were still at the forefront of his thoughts, and he dared not incite her by reacting too hastily.
      Mara stared at him with a look of bewilderment, a gaze that was hard to decipher between awe and hatred, but damn if she wasn’t as beautiful as ever.
      Her dark hair trailed her back in one long, thick braid with a few loose strands framing her perfect face. Her lips, slightly parted in wonder, were full and lush. Her body was still dainty. And her waist hardly gave proof she had ever birthed a child.
      Those were the few things he noticed because all he could really focus on was her eyes. How could he forget their brilliance? They were the color of emerald fire with flecks of golden sun behind dark feathery lashes.
       And God, if they didn’t look right through him now!
      Breandán swallowed, feeling a prickling heat rising from his chest and up his neck. Despite that his clothes were soaking wet from the ocean waves and cold against his skin, he was burning up inside.
      Mara was absolutely mesmerizing. And when he thought he was finally capable of speech, her mouth slowly curved into a bright smile. His heart slammed out of beat as he watched her beautiful face light up like a flame, her jade eyes dancing with glee.
      Mara ran to Breandán, not even noticing Nevan, or the five others standing in her home. There seemed to be no thought in her actions, just an uninhibited determination to run straight to him.
      Before she could reach him, he threw his hands in front of him with a hasty warning. “Mara, I am soaking wet!”
      But it was too late. Her body, though tiny compared to his muscled form, crashed into his, her arms immediately wrapping around his back, undeterred by the dampness of his clothes.
      Breandán stood there, his arms open and suspended away from her as if he had no idea what do with them. He wanted to bring them down around her, to envelope her with all his might, but he was afraid to allow himself to touch her. That if he made the slightest motion toward her, she’d dissipate into thin air like in his many tortuous dreams.
       Eventually, against his nagging reservation, he found the will to let his arms fall, and with it came an immense relief as he felt the warm, delicate mass of her body remaining within his grasp. His breath escaped him in a long drawn-out respire, and with it, all of his fears. Mara was finally in his arms and she was real.
      Breandán’s emotions were at the highest they had ever been. He wanted to close his eyes and revel in this moment, yet amid the company he shared, he held his excitement within, a feat taking all he had.
      Despite the success of restraining his outward body movements, he had absolutely no control over his involuntary bodily responses. Her faint fragrance coupled with the bold feel of her body against him made his heart pound and his blood race. She smelled of expensive oils, quite exotic to his nose, but it was the sweetest aroma he had ever encountered. He drew in a slow breath, savoring it as if it were the last blessing with which he would ever be gifted. He trembled with excitement.
      “You are shaking,” Mara said, pulling slightly away from him. At that moment, she seemed to remember how much taller he was compared to her since she had to tilt her head back in order to meet his gaze. “Come, warm yourself by the fire,” she insisted, taking his hand.
      Little did she know the simple act of placing her hand in his warmed Breandán to his very soul. Even if he had been totally submerged in the icy waters of the sea, her touch would have lit him afire.

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Deanna:  Renee, where can our readers find you?

Renee:  The following sites:

And my new romance site, Deep In The Heart Romance:

Deanna:  Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Renee:  Yes, I have a question for everyone. Readers, would you rather read a slow, sensual kiss scene between the hero and heroine, or a passionate, I-can’t-hold-back-any-longer kind of kiss scene? And Why?
         Anyone who answers my question will be eligible to win a free ebook copy of Mac Liam and autographed bookplates/bookmarks from both Ræliksen and Mac Liam.

Deanna:  Renee, it's been a pleasure to have you here and to find out a bit more about MacLiam! Breandan, I'm honored that Renee allowed us to meet you, it was a wonderful surprise! Readers, the comment box is open! Get your responses in and if you have questions for Renee, ask away! Thank you all for joining us today!


  1. Thanks Deanna for the privilege of being on your blog again. As always, the hospitality is inviting and exceptional!

  2. I love your character interviews, Renee - so wonderful - just like your books!!

  3. Lovely interview, Renee (and Deanna). I appreciated the glimpse into your daily writing life and the place where it all happens.

    I would say that I prefer the slow buildup to the kiss/love scene if done as described in your excerpt, however, I do get weary of described body parts and what fits into what, so if the description is not skillfully done, I find myself skimming over the pages to move on to plot action.

  4. I love the slow sensual kiss. It's more intimate and helps build more of a relationship between the characters.

  5. Tina: Thanks my friend. Right back at you!

    Suzanne: I have to agree with the slow build of a kiss/love scene. The tension is where it's at and not the act itself.

    Tanja: Nice to meet you and yes, I love when relationships build between the H/ that is lost or poorly written, the kiss is just a filler. We need the bond and the connection.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone. Good luck to you all!

  6. Renee, I know this book is going to be a wonderful read.
    BTW, I think the best kiss is that very first tentative kiss between the couple that says all that the words have left unsaid.
    I love your Irish hero.

  7. Thanks Sarah. I love him too. He is so amazing in this story and I love what he becomes for Mara.

    Yes the first kiss is always the best!

  8. Hello everyone! Thank you all for stopping in and a thank you to those who stop in but don't want to leave a comment! We're glad you stopped.

    Renee, thank you for taking the time to comment to the readers, they love you!

    Breandan, I'm glad you joined us here, too, so all of our readers could meet you! Good luck with Mara!

    Can't wait to read your story!

  9. I prefer the "I can't hold back any longer kiss". I like when the author builds the tension between the characters and then they finally go for it.
    I love the fact that Breandan and Mara are meant to be together...even if it takes many years for them to make it happen.

  10. Hi Renee. Can't wait for your new book! That's a hard question cause I really like each kind of kiss equally. It depends on the book for me. The books I have read so far the authors have done a really good job at both kinds of kisses.
    Sue B

  11. Good afternoon Deanna & Renee.
    The interview was great as always. I loved reading the excerpt.

    As for your question:
    As erotic authors, Brenda and I normally use a long build up of passion and seal it with the kiss. Romance isn't dead; not even in erotica.

  12. Cindy: My sentiments exactly! Allowing Breandán and Mara to find each other again was a great part of this trilogy and a wonderful concept in the love triangle.

    Sue B.I agree with is a hard choice. For me, it sometimes depends on my mood. Sometimes I want the slow sensual kiss, while other days I may crave the wild and passionate kiss.

    Steve: Thanks for reading my excerpt. And I must say, I cannot wait for you two to be on my romance site next month...counting it down!

    Thanks for stopping by and participating!

  13. Lovely post, Renee! And I really love the question. Problem is, my answer is going to have to be, "It depends." Sometimes I'm in the mood for hot, sometimes in the mood for slow. I can't pick one or the other. I'm excited for you and this new release. I hope it flies off the shelves!

  14. Monica Well, hello! I can't believe you are here! Thank you darlin. You have no idea how much this means to me to have you here.
    And thanks for answering my question...even if it was a little wishy-washy. haha
    Just kidding. Thanks for paying me a visit, Monica!

  15. Wishy Washy! Did you actually have the cajones to call me wishy washy? LOL I've now erased what followed simply out of respect to your other guests. WE shall take this off-line my dear. Just you wait! LOL

  16. Hey Deanna - Hope all is well with you.
    Hi Renee - enjoyed the excerpt and meeting Breandan on here. Everytime I read your work I think of Braveheart, seems fitting you sometimes listen to the sound track while writing.
    To answer the question - the build up to a kiss is one of the best scenes to read; especially when the author includes the thoughts running through the characters' minds before their lips finally touch, the sensations they feel as they explore each others mouth and the heat and desire that flows through their bodies. Umm OK gotta get me a kiss now LOL ;)

  17. Monica: hahah I love it! There's the fiery Monica I know and love! She may be down but she's not out!

    Brenda:Saying my work reminds you of Braveheart is one of the best compliments anyone has ever given me. When I wrote this trilogy, I wrote it with the intent of any reader, whether male or female, liking it. I wanted to write something that would stick with you, quite like Braveheart stuck with me all these years. So thank you so much Brenda for your compliment.

    And I really liked your description of the slow build before a kiss....are you a writer by chance? Or perhaps, you should seriously think about it!

  18. oooh, slow! Its so much more intimate!!

  19. Thanks Melissa for sharing your opinion with me! I can feel your enthusiasm for the slow kiss....

    You are certainly entered. Good luck.

  20. this comment is from Katie Cunning...she had trouble getting her comment to go through:

    From Katie Cunning: "Hi, Renee! :) The blog wouldn't let me comment, so I'm going to answer your question here: Can't wait to read MacLiam! Honestly, I have mixed feelings about which kiss is better. You see, it depends on the character and the context. For instance, if there's a "proper, I-must-follow-decorum" hero, I'd like to see him finally give in to passion and loosen that tie, so to speak--it shows just HOW overcome he is. If he's a bit of a jerk, it'd be nice to see him knocked to the ground with tenderness and love, and kiss a woman sensually because there's just something about HER that makes it impossible for him to treat her like the other "comes and goes" women. But, in all stories, I like to see each hero acting like a real man, and real men kiss both sensually and passionately. WHEN is the kicker for me. It's all about the context! :)"

  21. Thanks Katie...And wow, that is one heck of an answer. I LOVED it! You are so right!!! Great answer! And good luck!

  22. A wonderful interview ladies, thank you. As for which kiss, I think it's a combination of character conflict and kiss. I love the slow build up kind of kiss, and yrt when it's unexpectedt, the pasionate kiss is just as revealing.

  23. Thanks Sherry for coming to visit with me! Such a joy to see you here!
    I've gotten all these great responses and I have to admit, I'm undecided. It all depends on my mood and how the characters are interacting with each other. Like you said, a slow build up is good, but a passionate kiss can be just as exciting if it's unexpected.

    Good luck everyone!!