Saturday, December 4, 2010

Warm holiday parties!

      Most of us love gathering with friends and family around a warm fireplace crackling with holiday excitement. I can already hear the magical bells tingling in the distance. Have you scheduled your get together yet? Have a party coming up? I certainly hope so. Share some of your plans with us so we can celebrate with you!

      If you're lucky enough to spend an evening walking with that special someone, I hope the giant snowflakes fall around you. I love walking outside while a gentle snow storm coats the ground with a clean blanket of fresh white snow. There's just something special about snow storms - watching the glow from the windows of homes filled with children decorating the tree, or hanging Christmas lights. Maybe it's shopping downtown, the snow falling and the streets decorated for the holiday. Don't you love when the snow covers the outdoor lights on the trees and bushes and the snow takes on a beautiful red or green glow?

       Make new memories for this year, taste a new wine, a new dessert, tell a few stories and maybe even make new friends. Whatever it is that you've got planned, I hope the memory will stay with you of the fun and laughter you all had together. Celebrate the happiness with friends and family! Give a stranger a smile just to watch their reaction. I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season!

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