Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can we feel ghost spirits around us?

I've always had an interest in the 'other side' and feel there IS a connection of our past to our present and future. I love watching the ghost hunter, paranormal and psychic shows because some people do possess a special ability to see what the majority of us can't. Those people have a connection that also scares many people and that's sad. There are spirits around us all the time of those we love because they want to guide us and help where they can. Even though a spirit is reincarnated, that spirit has people from their past who follow them into a new life to help guide them. If you've read my first two books, you know I also believe in reincarnation and second chances of starting over with love. 

My next work is going to deal with reincarnation again but also involves a spirit who wants desperately to move on in a world he can only watch and not participate in. Will he get a chance to leave the prison he's been stuck in since his ship went down off the coast of North Carolina? He's not sure what his purpose is or why he has to endure watching rather than being with the woman he wants.

Long ago, a young boy found his way into the deserted lighthouse only to leave before my ghost could convey a message. He was able to get the boy's attention by pulling on energy between them. The young boy searched the keeper's house, looking in closets, cabinets, drawers and attics while my spirit could only watch. He tried to lead the boy up the stairway to the lighthouse tower that day but the boy left frightened and never returned to search the house again for whatever it was he wanted.

The ghost felt a very strong connection to the boy and continues to send him messages by way of dreams and thoughts that make the boy, who is now a man, still stop in his tracks to wonder about where the strange dreams come from. They're dreams of things that happened long ago that he couldn't possibly have participated in such as being aboard a ship on the ocean with no land in sight. This is the only means of communication my ghost has with the man because he's not been back inside the keeper's house, though he still visits the lighthouse grounds.

Have I piqued your interest in the next book? I hope so because I want to share another wonderful love story with you and take you along so you can also visit this lighthouse, meet my ghost and see what he wants do badly. The story is coming along and I'm having fun with it knowing that you'll be reading and exploring my new world around this lighthouse.

I love spooky but it also scares me because I've never experienced seeing a ghost but have FELT the spirits around me. They good spirits, not bad so I'm not frightened. I know my cats see them!! They seem to be on another level from humans by seeing what we can't. I've watched them as they watch 'something' move around our living room, drift across the ceiling or perhaps even as the spirits stand behind I making sense? Have you had this experience? Let's talk about this...leave a comment so others can also get in on it to leave their comment. Share an experience with all of us......

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  1. I watch a lot of those shows too. Love them. I used to feel my grandpa near after he passed when I was a kid. I just knew he was still there~can't explain it. And after one of my kitties passed I could feel him rub my leg sometimes which was kind of comfortering(he was my favorite cat). And when my MIL was in Hospice while I was holding her hand I felt someone hug me as she was passing and I could feel an overwelming feeling of love. It was very comforting. It's really hard to explain. Your new book sounds really good. Can't wait.
    Sue B