Thursday, February 24, 2011


Thank you for surfing to my site and I hope you enjoy it here but I'd really like to know that I got you interested in my historical romance below. Please stay a while and look around, get to know my hero because I know you'll fall in love with him and want to read his story. Look deep into his eyes and try to tell him you're not interested! *wink*

His name is Nathan...well, actually, he's Michael Nathaniel Clairmont, Duke of North Yorkshire and lives in his family's castle on the cliffs overlooking the ocean at Scarborough. Being at sea is what he loves along with breeding his horses but revenge is pulls him through the story. His heart's been broken too many times...can he endure taking a chance one more time? I hope you grab your copy and find out!
I've included an excerpt below for your enjoyment and yes, it's just a tease! On Feb 25th - Friday through Sunday, hop over and visit me at Kay Dee Royal's Blog and join in the fun conversations and a chance to win YOUR copy of No Turning Back!

Excerpt:  No Turning Back

He tasted her skin and kissed a path down the side of her neck, along her bared collar bone. The muscles low in his groin contracted as her touch ignited embers deep inside of him that had lain dormant far too long. Nathan had hoped he’d hardened his feelings, buried them deep, but this woman had unknowingly found a way to caress his soul. He never thought he’d find another female who could incite such rolling passion within him, but then – Vanessa was no ordinary woman.
Listening to her moans of pleasure, feeling her body quiver at his touch, he knew he had awakened feelings she wanted left hidden, but the fire she created with him needed to be quenched. The heaviness of his arousal, coupled with the intoxicating scent of her, intensified the sensitivity of his flesh, making the movement of her hands on his back send a tremor down his spine. He ached all over for her.
As his lips seared a path across the swell of her breast, a moan again escaped her lips. When he glanced at her face, her closed eyes more than explained the pleasure she experienced with him. He slid his fingers beneath the material of her gown at her other shoulder, slipping it down to bare her breasts. He took his time, enjoying her soft skin. Leisurely tasting a rosy peak, Nathan gathered the weight of her breast in his hand. She pressed her head back into the pillow, and bit into her lower lip. Her movements brushed against his arousal and a groan slipped from his throat as he suckled her breast.
Gripping Vanessa’s waist, he rolled over, taking her with him. Her hair swept his face. He brushed it to one side, cupped her face in his hands and their eyes met; he sought another slow, amorous kiss. Her lips burned with fire, her tongue hot against his own, swirling together, making him crazy. The passion intensified his emotions.
The weight of her body atop him drove his desire to the edge. He’d make love to her right now if they didn’t slow down. With his need for her being so strong and suppressed for too long, Nathan withdrew from the kiss. Vanessa’s breath came in ragged gasps, telling him this affected her in the same way. He’d loved her for so long now and to hope for the same feelings to be returned made his heart soar.
She rested her forehead on his chest as he held her tight. “Nathan…we have to stop. I can’t do this,” she whispered and the muscles of his body tensed upon hearing her words, knowing they couldn’t go where they both wanted at the moment.

* * * *

      I hope that caught your interest because I loved writing this story. It's also about finding love a second time and knowing your heart is finally safe. My website has the links to buy your copy and yes, it's available for your Nook at B & N or for your Kindle at Smashwords. The Kindle version is not up yet at Amazon, sorry. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my work and please feel free to leave me your comments below and at Kay Dee's blog!