Wednesday, February 23, 2011

7 Facts Award - Thank You!

I received this award from 
BK Walker at Immortality and Beyond!

Thank you, Brandy!

Hmmm...Seven Facts...Let's try this!

1 - I'm an optimist with a positive attitude!

2 - I'm a workaholic - Have been called the 
Energizer Bunny too many times!

3 - I'm now 55 and okay with that!

4 - I love creating stories for others to read

5 - I love breath-taking views
from the Cascade Mountains!

6 - I'm finding dark beer isn't all that bad
although I'm still a lover of White Russians!

7 - I love to hear from readers!

Now it's YOUR turn - leave a comment 
and tell me one FACT about YOU!


  1. One fact about me: I love chocolate once I start eating it, I can't stop.

  2. I completely missed this post. LOL.
    One thing about me is I collect anything cats.
    Sue B