Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air!

Doesn't the thought of a near kiss make your toes tingle and your insides swirl? Not to mention what it makes your lips feel to be that close, knowing a warm, sensual feeling is so close your insides will melt when it finally does happen?

I hope you have a wonderful day planned with your partner and loved ones so all of you can celebrate love. My children, along with their spouses and their own children, will be sharing their love today, too. Life is happier and we smile more when love fills our life. Things seem to take on new meaning and the sun even shines more. Maybe it's because we see the good in people when we're happy in our own lives. I will be spending the day with the love of MY life and that makes me smile!

I wish all of you happiness and love and that both are plentiful for you today. Sharing pictures of love and stories that will keep you coming back for more is one of the things I do that makes me happy. The letters I receive from satisfied readers make me smile as they ask when the next book will be available. I'm working on that and hope by September that I can share with you my new story, Whispers at Ghost Point, which takes place in Wilmington North Carolina. I will be whisking you away to an abandoned light house that tingles with a love story to soothe your heart! New characters will be eager for your attention as they sneak into the story, hoping for one of their own!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! What are your plans for today?

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  1. Happy Belated Valentine's Day. Had to get a new computer. This one works so much better. I had to work that day. Got flowers, some candy, & cards from my kids. Can't wait for your new book Deanna.
    Sue B