Monday, March 28, 2011

Author Interview - Dominique Watson

Thank you all for stopping in to read about Dominique and her books. This is one of her stops on her Virtual Book Tour; check out her banner below for links and more info should you want to follow her tour. She also has a magazine she produces so get comfortable and read on!

Deanna:  Dominique, thank you so much for being with us today! Tell us a bit about yourself that our readers might not know.

Dominique:  I LOVE Ice cream *big smile* I’m a big reader and spread my interest across various genres. I have no fears when it comes to writing or publishing. The best satisfaction I have is the response of my books from readers.

Deanna:  Most of us have always loved to write which is why we’re still doing it. What made you want to become a writer?

Dominique:  I’ve been writing all my life. I have a weird passion; love for the pen. I buy notebooks just because they look good. But I love to inspire others through my words and if anything, that will always keep me writing.

Deanna: As authors, we love all of our characters. Is there a certain type of character that is easier to write than another?

Dominique:  Good question, I have yet to write from a male’s perspective. That’s something I’m iffy about even though I live with a man, I don’t know the feelings of a man so I would say that would be the hardest but one I’m not afraid to try.

Deanna:  Do you read in the same genre that you write in?

Dominique:  Yes, but I also ready mystery and suspense which I haven’t had the pleasure of writing in yet. I like Erotica but have never dabbled into that genre.

Deanna:  Many of have different ways we write. Tell us about a typical day in your life as a writer.

Dominique:  Well I don’t have a typical day as a writer, I’m a business owner. So I run a business full time and write part time. I don’t know how I even have the energy to write but when it comes I’m in full force to get moving with my pen.
       If I am writing for the day and have decided to not work on my magazine, I like to go to Starbucks or simply sit in my office and write. I do like the outdoors, so I use my patio to write as well and I write until I feel I’m done for the day or have other plans.

Deanna:  Congratulations on your business. Sometimes that’s why we get things done, because we stay so busy all the time. Most of us have pretty vivid imaginations when it comes to story lines. Where do your story ideas come from?

Dominique:  Things I just think up, or TV, someone’s life. I decided to write a book about a girl who is the product of a rape. My favorite TV show is Law and Order SVU and all they talk about is someone getting raped. Olivia, one of the characters, is a product of a rape so I said I bet I could tell a really good Christian Fiction story about being the product of a rape and I’m doing that now.

Deanna:   Do you have a favorite character that you’ve created?

Dominique:  Yes, Ari. She is one of the main characters from my book, Too Much Untold and Truthfully Untold. She’s a strong mother-type female with no children that holds everything together for her friends and family.

Deanna:  Being so busy, we can’t always do it all, though we like to think we can! What mistakes have you made as an author?

Dominique:  I don’t promote enough. Running a magazine takes up a lot of my time so my books get pushed to the back burner. I’d love to have a PR do all that stuff for me.

Deanna:  Virtual Assistants are out there! Maybe I need to include a link to them on my sites! *laughing*  Is there a genre you are interested in trying but never had the guts to write?

Dominique:  Yes, Mystery and Suspense. I love that genre a lot!!! And I only have two authors I’ve put my time into and that is James Patterson and Jean Holloway. I would love to write a Mystery and Suspense book someday and I’m sure I will…whenever the inspiration comes to me, a book will be born.

Deanna:  How often do you publish a book?

Dominique:  Once a year. If I’m in a collaboration with some authors, which I have been a few times in the past, it’s twice a year. But I put out a book once a year, never miss a beat. I don’t know why I do that but it’s something I’ve always done.

Deanna:  Goals are good and keep us going. How many books have you published so far?

Dominique:  Six. “Loves’ Deception” will be book number seven. I’ve been in two collaborations and have another one coming this year.

Deanna:  What is your pet peeve in writing, your career or just in general?

Dominique:  I don’t like the fact that a lot of friends and family don’t take my books or magazine seriously. I feel like if people don’t see you making a lot of money, you aren’t really doing anything. Putting out six books is a lot! If you are not in the literary field then you don’t know the extent authors and writers go to to have their work seen. It’s a serious job that’s fulfilling in ways other than money.

Deanna:  I totally agree. Our world is definitely a different one. Readers have to see your name on more books,  in forum discussions and interviews! What social networks are you actively apart of?

Dominique:  Facebook: Author Dominique L. Watson

Twitter: @almondeyesdiva

I’m apart of a few Ning networks but I’m not very active there. I’m on skype through my business: fromawriterspov.

I’m also on and you can become a fan there at:

Deanna:   Dominique, thank you for taking the time to let us view a bit of your writer's life! Good luck with the rest of your tour stops! Readers, feel free to visit her websites and connect with her on FB and Twitter! Most of all, thank you all for stopping in to read the interview!


  1. Dominique - thanks for being here. Good luck on your blog tour!

  2. Hi Dominique. Sounds like you are a busy lady. Great interview. Continued success.
    Sue B