Friday, March 18, 2011

Bonus!! Grab your copy of No Turning Back!

 If you haven't heard about or checked out my historical, No Turning Back, I hope this will be the day. This story takes place in England, 1778 and is about finding love a second time. Many feel that when they lose the love of their life, nothing else matters and they will never find someone to love again.


That is so not true! Grab your copy and follow my characters on adventures as they become friends and find out they have more in common than they once thought. Vanessa touches Nathan's heart and he begins to heal, though one doesn't ever forget, but it helps him to move on. I've tried to bring to life the historic England, the parks, castles and carriage rides through Hyde Park. You'll attend a few balls and witness a few sword fights!

Apex Reviews did a great review so hop over and read about No Turning Back.
As an added bonus that I'm going to allow you to share with friends, hop over to Smashwords and use Coupon Code JM49V for 50% off the list price and download whatever format you need! This coupon code will be good through March 31st so hurry and pass it along. Thank you so much for stopping in to read about my work!

Make your way up the steps and right into Nathan's castle!

Monday is another author interview so come on back!


  1. Great book. Loved this!
    Sue B

  2. Hi Deanna, I'll have to pop on over to smashwords and pick this up. Where are those steps? They're amazing!


  4. Congrats on the wonderful review from Apex! :) No Turning Back sounds fantastic. :)