Saturday, March 5, 2011

What draws YOU to a lighthouse?


What draws us to lighthouses?

      Is it thinking perhaps we might see a ghost or signs of one as in the photo above? Can you feel their presence when you visit? I've always been attracted to lighthouses and maybe all of those questions are what draw my interest. Of course, I'm not sure how I would react if I DID ever see a ghost! Lighthouse lovers flock to these places, though, and love to talk ghosts, remodels, fixer uppers, wondering what life was like way back when.

       I love the history of the lighthouse and have been to every one in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and along the coast lines there. Some have been kept up and others are privately owned because in Michigan individuals can own lighthouses, unlike along the ocean coastlines. Some states allow residential owners and others don't.
     As you walk up the steep staircase of the tower, do you hope the next time you look up, you'll see the shadow disappear?  Or maybe a mist hanging in the air waiting for you? As in the photo on the left, I think the light just might be from a spirit who hangs around there in the tower. What do you think?

       My next book, Whispers at Ghost Point, will involve a lighthouse along the coast of North Carolina and I'm having fun with this. Being able to include one of my passions into a story lets me pull in so many wonderful traits of lighthouse history. I hope you visit my website and take a peek at what the next book will be about. I've posted a bit of info there to tease you. I hope you will visit often to keep up with the story as it becomes a novel. My goal is to have it ready for you in September 2011.

       Tell us below what draws you to a lighthouse and which ones you have visited. I know there are many out there who have a special spot in their heart for these places. Tell us why. Know other lighthouse enthusiasts? Send them over to comment with us!


  1. Like you, Deanna, I've got a lighthouse in my next book, but I'm far from a lighthouse enthusiast. I have, however, met a few. Especially the fanatics of the Great Lakes lighthouses. Happy writing!

  2. I love lighthouses. Never have been to one. I just like that they are so beautiful.
    Sue B

  3. Anne and Sue, thanks so much for stopping by my lighthouse blog! Sue, you have to visit one and just stand in a quiet spot and 'feel' the surroundings...listen in your mind...and they just might connect with you!

    Let me know when that happens for you!

  4. Hi Deanna, love your openinc pic! We have our share of great lighthouses here in NS, the most famous being at Peggy's Cove. IT would be a fitting place for a ghost story.

  5. I absolutely love exploring lighthouses. I have explored a lot of them along the Oregon coast and a few on the east coast. I think what draws me to them is the sea, knowing this was the light that brought ships to shore, seaman/sailers home to their sweethearts and families. Lighthouses have a romantic aura. Can't wait to read your book! I know, yes I am still reading "No Turning back".

  6. BTW katsrus - you have to explore one or a few. Put this on your bucket list!