Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Character Interview - Kate from Never Surrender

      Kate Bradach is my green-eyed heroine from my novel Never Surrender. She is a vibrant, strong woman who knows what she wants in life. Kate is pulled back in time and is forced to realize that her soul mate through time is someone she was destined to meet! Read on to find out more about this feisty woman!

Deanna:  Kate, I’m excited to introduce you to my readers! Thanks for being here! Can you tell us a bit about what it was like landing back in time in the middle of an Indian raid?           

Kate:  Thanks for having me here, Deanna!  One reads about time travel but to actually have it happen to you…is kind of strange. You know things are different but maybe it’s just a dream! Then too many things happen that ARE real and you start to wonder. After a bit, you realize it’s not a dream because you would have awakened after time goes by. So, yes, it was really weird. HOW it happened, I still have no idea but…you must know…it CAN happen to anyone if you’re near a portal!

Deanna:  When you were in the general store and Brandon spoke, how did that ‘feeling’ hit you?

Kate:  OMG! That was so strange. His voice drew my immediate attention, though I’d never heard a voice in my dreams, and it was like we both stood inside my dream. Somehow I knew the dream involved him, I just didn’t know how and I HAD to find out! Brandon is a sweetheart but then he also has blue eyes! *wink* And that long dark hair is meant for a woman’s fingers….mmm.

Deanna:  You and Taima really didn’t get along in the beginning but the language barrier was there. Did that truly make the relationship harder?

Kate:  Taima is a very stubborn individual with set beliefs of how women should be and I refused to be categorized that way. Though you may be unable to communicate with words, eyes have a language all their own and when I allowed my heart to hear his words……what can I say?

Deanna:  So YOU are stubborn to a point?

Kate: LOL - I wouldn’t say I was but he does, even now he tells me all the time how hard I can be to get along with. Imagine! I just don’t like being ordered around!

Deanna:  How did you find life among his tribe? It had to be hard to fit in.

Kate:  The women of that time period followed orders men gave them. That’s just how it was. I hated it, having to be bossed around and told what to do but life was easier for me when I just obeyed. Sorry, that goes against my grain! Ahanu understood me! But it wasn’t Ahanu I was becoming attracted to. *wink* My heart held out longer that I could have imagined but that happens when walls have been built so high. Taima and I both had built up walls around our hearts because we’d been hurt when we lost the love of our life. Neither of us planned for what happened between us, it just happened. I’m still not sure how he tore down my wall but he did.

Deanna:  Can you tell us what it was that attracted you to Taima?

Kate:  First, I’m a sucker for blue eyes and to see an Indian warrior with blue eyes…OMG…just one look from him could melt my heart and weaken my knees. Granted, in the beginning, his look nearly struck me down where I stood but I refused to be brow beaten. Maybe that’s what piqued his interest; I’m not quite sure. Personally, I know what I want in life and WILL strive until it’s mine!

Deanna:  There are a few times that your life was in real danger. Can you tell us about them?

Kate:  The incident that sticks out most in my mind is when Aiyana held her knife at my throat and I felt the tip prick my skin! I hadn’t gotten to know her well nor that she had many secrets, but she definitely knew what she was doing at the time and she knew the desired results would happen! They did! I won’t go into detail here; it would ruin the story, but I think that was the first break through for all of us.

Deanna:  Tell us about your thoughts on men. What makes a man attractive to you?

Kate:  Being attractive doesn’t always mean physically attractive. The way a man looks at me can tell me a whole lot about him. I’m pretty good at reading eyes…they’re the windows to the soul, you know. I have the ability to see further into a person’s inner beauty when I look them directly in the eyes. If I can hold that look for a minute or more, I learn whether they’re shy or more extroverted. If they look away before I do, it makes me want to talk with them. Just me!
     Sorry, got off on a tangent there, but eyes are my main attraction! Charisma and magnetism are something not all men have but those who do seem to know how to use it to sweep a woman off her feet. I love broad shoulders and a well chiseled jaw line! *squirming in her chair, taking a deep breath* Now if he knows how to hold me when that first kiss happens…mmmm….Taima shocked me the first time because I was so caught off guard when our first kiss happened! Perhaps it’s true that anger provokes lust! *wicked laugh*

Deanna: I loved the sexual tension between the two of you. It’s such a page turner.

Kate:  Taima could search me out across the village, no matter where I was among his people. Even if I wasn’t looking at him, I could feel his eyes touch my soul and it made me turn around. When our eyes connected, I could tell what type of mood he was in and if he was only making sure that I worked and not goofing off. He’s a firm leader and expects his people to work as hard as he does. His authority was never questioned by his people, only by me! *laughing* He quickly learned that I hated taking orders from anyone!

Deanna:  Can you put your finger on what it was about Taima that softened your heart?

Kate:  Oh geesh, that’s a tough one. He is so multi-faceted as a person.  I guess he is everything I looked for in a man, once I realized I was actually looking! When his fingers curl beneath my chin to bring my face up so he can look into my eyes when he talks to me….mmmm…..kinda curls my toes! Looking into his eyes makes me forget what I’m mad about, or what I planned to say next…and then he’ll lean in for a kiss and….wow….he pulls me close, takes me in his arms and my knees cave in!

Deanna:  *laughing* Maybe that’s a good stopping point for us; it’s getting a bit warm in here! Readers, I hope learning a bit more about Kate has your curiosity piqued enough that you want Never Surrender on your own bookshelf or Kindle. I’ve been allowed to lower the price of both my books and they are now available for only $2.99 if you can believe that!

How about an excerpt from Never Surrender?

       Kate’s faint moans radiated a passionate message to every muscle in Taima’s taut body. Just knowing his gentle caress or tender kiss could cause such a reaction within her made his heart swell with a feeling he thought had died years ago. Yet those feelings made themselves known as he moved to lay atop Kate, careful to brace most of his weight on his elbows. He molded her soft curves to the contours of his body.
        He kissed the slender column of her neck. Her racing heartbeat fluttered beneath his lips. Desire welled within him, refusing to ebb, and his mouth claimed hers in a passionate kiss. Her eagerness reached his soul.
        Kate intertwined her fingers with his, and Taima stretched their arms over her head. Their breathing came in short, ragged puffs as he slipped his knee between hers. He half expected an objection, but none came, only a demanding response as Kate squeezed his fingers, arching her body against him. Her tongue enticingly slipped past his lips.
        Taima let go of one of her hands to caress a full breast, a slim waist, and the warmer curves of her body. She arched against the palm of his hand as he continued the caresses until she writhed beneath him.
       He broke from the kiss. “You’re sure this is what you want? I’ll not have you accusing me of anything once it’s finished.”
       She cupped his face in her small hands, her breathing warm against his cheek. “Know this is what I want, or I wouldn’t still be here.”
      Unable to hold back a moment longer, Taima entered her. When her moist lips and tongue touched his, he kissed her, thrusting deeply at the same time. Blood surged through his veins, heating his flesh even more as Kate’s hands caressed his chest, then moved down his sides to his hips, where she pulled him tightly against her.
      Withdrawing from the kiss, Taima cradled her head in the palms of his hands to bury his face in her silky, sage-scented hair. Excitement shot through his body like a wavering arrow, begging for a release that had been too long restrained. He wanted to wait for the right moment, but her quivering inner muscles tightened around him as she kept pace with his every move.
      The heat of her body made it impossible for him to hold back any longer. He thrust deep and she accepted him. Together, they found the tempo that bound their bodies as one. Then his world exploded like the rush of white-water over rocky rapids. Torrential waves of ecstasy pulsed through him until he lay spent, reveling in the aftermath of what he hadn’t felt in years for any woman. Drawing in a slow, even breath, he waited for his racing heart to slow.
      Slight tremors shivered through Kate as he held her tightly. He felt as though he never wanted to be separated from the warmth of her body. Crushing her to him, he pressed his mouth to hers. She responded passionately, nearly making his heart burst.
      Taima brushed her hair away from her face, and rose onto his elbows. He had finally made love without thoughts of Witashnah, nor feelings of guilt. Though he may have fulfilled a physical need for Kate, he had allowed her to tear apart his soul, to make him aware of feelings for her he hadn’t wanted to admit yet.
      Kate rose up to touch her lips to his. A soft, tender caress. “I’ll not have you accuse me of anything now that we’re finished,” she teased.
      “You don’t regret what we’ve just done?”
      “How could I regret something so beautiful?”

Happy reading and thank you so much for stopping in to meet Kate! The rings do have a significance to the story!