Monday, May 16, 2011

Chapter 1 has been revised - You DON'T want to miss reading this!

Many of you know my next book will be released in late September 2011, titled Whispers at Ghost Point. Originally, I had my ghost character chosen, but a new character came to me recently and demanded that HE be the ghost because he would do a better job of keeping my readers on edge. He didn't stopped until I went in and revised things. Now he's quieted down a bit so he must be happy with the changes so far but I'll let YOU be the judge. Leave me a post with your thoughts on the new changes.

I've uploaded Chapter 1 to BookBuzzr for those who may be interested in reading about my NEW evil ghost who has been trapped for centuries in the lighthouse. A female visitor perks him up when she arrives although he doesn't understand the hatred mixed with lust that he feels toward her when she stops by.

Chapter One can be read by clicking the above link or clicking on the book down on the left that will also take you to Ch 1!   Please note the cover that is up is NOT the final cover but I didn't want to post a blank cover!

CONTEST: May is in full swing and you have until the 31st to get your entry into the contest! I pull two winners each month for two gift cards so don't miss a chance for this. I also have links to other contest pages you might want to check out. Fresh Fiction has tons more contests and new authors you might want to check out for your shelves! 

Thank you so much for popping in. I hope you enjoyed your visit!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Help! My characters are changing the story!

Okay, I have to explain how this happened. I thought it was a bit too funny.

Being female and knowing our brains are wired differently than our male counterparts, falling asleep at night is not as easy for us. Although we try to clear our minds, that isn't always possible. While trying to do this, I find my characters think this is a good time to slip in and get their points across.

That's exactly what happened the other night when a new antagonist told me HE was going to be the ghost in the tower rather than my #2 hero for Whispers at Ghost Point. This character told me he would do a great job of keeping the other two main characters apart and do a better job as the ghost!

I caught myself laughing and thought about it before I fell asleep! He was right; he would make a better ghost and help me more with the conflict portion of the story so I have to go with his idea. I'm sure before long, he'll fill me in on more of the details.

For those of you who have read No Turning Back, set in England in 1778, Whispers is set in the current day, in Wilmington NC, but has ties to No Turning Back by way of a few of the characters and arch enemies! I can't give too much away but know that the recent character visit has sparked a few more chapters as well as going back to rewrite the beginning just a little...not much, but the thoughts from the ghost will be altered. I'll re-upload those changes to BookBuzzr and the sample chapter as soon as I finish those so....stay tuned for more!

Thanks for stopping in to check up on the progress of Whispers! I appreciate it.