Friday, June 17, 2011

Ghost-Vampire Chat at CTR - June 18th

      Love the Ghost/Vampire genre? Then you don't want to miss out on the fun, chats, contest giveaways and meeting a few new authors in the genres. I will be at the chat all day with five other authors so hop over to Coffee Time Romance and join us sometime Saturday. You must be a registered user at CoffeeTimeRomance so hop over and get registered before the chat starts in the Latte Lounge.

      Contests: Send an email to me at deanna.jewel at with 'VAMPIRE/GHOST CHAT GIVEAWAY' in the subject line during the day puts you in all the drawings - until 11:30 PM PDT! Do NOT miss this opportunity to win e-books, signed paperbacks, and gift cards!

See that orb beneath the bench? 
This is from the ship 'Star of India' in San Diego

Click the photo to enlarge it -
Now can you see all the orbs in THIS photo?
This is the Corboba Hotel in San Diego - I took this pic