Thursday, July 14, 2011

Characters Dana and Sarah from Whispers at Ghost Point

      Welcome to Wilmington NC where I'm chatting with two of the characters from my upcoming release, Whispers at Ghost Point. We're at The Pilot House, an outdoor cafe along the boardwalk on the shores of the Cape Fear River, enjoying the warm breeze and a beautiful sunny day! With me are Dana and Sarah, to tell us a bit about this restoration project involving the abandoned lighthouse.

Deanna:  Ladies, thank you for visiting with me today. I share your love of lighthouses, as do many of my readers. They're anxious to get a bit of the inside story from you so they can get a feel for what is coming up. Dana, I'd like to start with you. I love your enthusiasm for this project. I understand you come from Michigan where lighthouses line the shores of that state.

Dana:  I'm glad you joined us today, Deanna. Michigan has so many beautiful lighthouses and I've been to almost every single one. Up there, residents can own a lighthouse and live in it or have a bed and breakfast in it so guests can enjoy the serenity of the building and it's history. Here in North Carolina, residents aren't allowed to own the lighthouses and there are special circumstances surrounding this abandoned one.
      I can't wait to get started on the project but we seem to be hitting roadblocks. The owner is a bit evasive and we have to deal with his attorney right now. I'm frustrated at not being able to get into the building.

Deanna:  Sarah, you work at the Historical Society with Dana. Has she been a help with projects you've been working on?

Sarah:  Dana is like a breath of fresh air for us. She does the research in addition to coordinating the remodels because she has an eye for recreating the look of the original projects. I think she'll be a wonderful asset to the renovation of the abandoned lighthouse. We just have to get past a few bumps in the road and get inside to look around. We've not met the owner yet. He sends his attorney to talk with us, but he says the owner is open to listening to our ideas.

Deanna:  I would think in an abandoned lighthouse there could be several ghosts who could live there. Dana, do you believe in ghosts and are you afraid to go inside?

Dana:  *she glances at Sarah before answering my questions* I DO believe in that bad? *she laughs*  From my deck at home, I can see the lighthouse tower and at night, lights flicker there, which make me curious as to what or who might be inside.

Sarah:  I've seen the lights flicker there gives me an eerie feeling and I sense a bit of evil with whatever might be over there so I want Dana to take it slow once we get inside the building. Spirits aren't always friendly when intruders show up to make changes to their home. I just hope we can control the situation and not stir up too many spirits but there is one who is stronger than the others and so far, he isn't playing nice where my senses are concerned.

Dana:  Sarah doesn't discuss it often, but she has psychic abilities when it comes to these things. She says the ghost has a connection to my past, but we don't know more than that at this point. I need to do a bit more digging on the history of ship wrecks in the area. I'd love to find something that would connect the current owner...we'll see.

Deanna:  Have you been able to find anything out about the owner yet?

Dana:  Not yet. His attorney says he's owned the lighthouse for a while and that it's been in the family for over a hundred years. No one has wanted to renovate it though. I think it will turn out to be a beautiful place if we can ever get started. I was a contractor in Michigan; hopefully I can get my license here in North Carolina and do my own work without having to contract through someone else. We'll see.

Sarah: One of Dana's dreams is to open her own interior decorating shop where she can have more exposure to remodeling other locations; she'd be great at it because it's in her blood. I'd hate to lose her at the Historical Society though.

Deanna:  Ladies, thank you for having me here. The area is beautiful and I can see why you love the Wilmington area. Dana, congrats on your move from Michigan and good luck in your business venture. I hope you're able to open that store of your dreams and remodel til your heart's content!
      Readers, thank you for stopping in to meet two of my characters. Please feel free to leave questions for these two ladies or a comment. I can't wait to get this complete story finished for you. In the meantime, you can click on the BookBuzzr link on the left and read Chapter One! Don't forget to tell your friends to stop in, too!