Sunday, August 14, 2011

Author Interview - L. Carroll - Young Adult

Winner:  Amber M

Congratulations, Amber!!

     Thank you for stopping in today for a special interview treat. I have the pleasure of introducing all of you to Lisa Carroll, the self-published author of a wonderful young adult series that will take fantasy lovers on quite an adventure. Not only do the books sound exciting, the colorful covers will pull you in! Today you get to view the covers, check out the reviews and grab YOUR copy of book one in the series. Be sure to return tomorrow to learn about this creative writer!

      Through the selfish acts of a twin enchantress, the world of Lor Mandela is sentenced to its untimely death. Only one can save it--the appointed Child of Balance, Audril Borloc. All hope seems lost, however, when shortly after her fourth birthday, Audril disappears without a trace. Audril Borloc must be found! When a group of Lor Mandelan spies travel to Earth in search of the little girl with black hair and bright blue eyes--traits that on Lor Mandela are exclusive to the ruling Borloc family--they instead find sixteen-year-old Maggie Baker. While the age difference between the girls is obvious, Maggie has the Borloc traits--evidence enough for the desperate spies. Suddenly, Maggie's mundane existence is transformed into a thrill ride of twists and turns as she begins bouncing back and forth between her hometown of Glenhill, Iowa and the strange and diverse lands of Lor Mandela. Amid battling a ferocious two-headed beast, being abducted by a lawless clan of Shadow Dwellers and falling head over heels for the son of an evil warlord, Maggie soon discovers that her blase reality could be the REAL fantasy, and that the fate of Lor Mandela may depend entirely on her.

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        As a special promotion to help celebrate the release of Book #2 in the Lor Mandela Series, "Four Hundred Days", Lisa Carroll is offering the first book "Destruction from Twins" for FREE!!! (ebook on Smashwords)

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      Although the day was hot and humid in central Iowa, the billowing charcoal clouds that tumbled in from the southwest brought with them a ferocious and chilling wind. Sharp daggers of flashing silver, originating from every corner of the sky, sliced through the swollen canopy, and were followed by rolling booms which boisterously announced the arrival of the massive summer storm. In the distance, the haunting wail of tornado sirens stirred anxiousness in the mind of one unfamiliar with the weather and routines of the Midwestern United States. Mikil Tu Shadow crouched among the black skeletons of burnt plants, the tangled piles of splintered homes, and the acres of dusty gray ash in Glenhill, alert...on edge...and waiting.

      Learn more about Lisa Carroll and her continuing series by visiting her website and blog. Don't forget to return tomorrow for the interview I had with her! Get your questions ready because she will be here with us all week long! Thank you for stopping in - please let your friends know about this wonderful fantasy adventure series and send them over! Share buttons are listed below. Now head for Smashwords to grab your copy of book one!

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  1. Thank you for this look into a new series! I am gearing up for my "back to school" TBR list and these books are going on it!
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