Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween Readers!

      I hope all of you are ready for the trick or treaters! I do enjoy the holiday, the ghostly stories that go around and seeing all those who get dressed up, not caring what others think who don't enjoy the holiday!

     I did a post over at Ravencraft's Romance Realm asking why we enjoy being scared. (Please check out the other daily posts there and follow them. My day to post is Tuesday so come join me) One of the commenters mentioned the adrenaline rush we get when we're scared and that does make sense. I'm not into the slasher movies but ghostly stories are my thing although I do have to admit to them keeping me awake at night because my imagination never stops!

     For those who enjoy blog hops, check out the one at my other website, An Avid Reader's Haven, and you will have until Nov 20th to get entered in all the websites. The main prize is an 8 GB iPod Touch, second prize is a Sleep Watch. Hop over and check out all the other blog sites involved. The blogs are varied with some being reader blogs, some craft blogs, others are mommy blogs as well as product tester blogs. Have fun with these! I know there are many hops going on and you'll find others along the way!

      More News:  The post below informs you of my latest book, Unleash Your Inner Strength, now available at Amazon, SmashWords, and All Romance e-Books. It will soon be available at Barnes and Noble. The book isn't very long but is quite motivating. I hope it will help you on those days when you're a little down in the dumps. We all have those days but don't let them linger! Get yourself out of those moods, stop that negative self-talk, think positive and create your own happiness! I hope you enjoy the book. You can receive a FREE copy by signing up for my newsletter. The sign up box is on the left and thank you for signing up!

CONTESTS:  Be sure to enter my monthly contests! You may still be in time for October yet but if not, enter for November. All you need to do is send me an email with CONTEST in the subject line to  That's it! You're in! My website explains what is up for grabs! Good luck!

Radio Interview:  A new website, Book Tour Radio, is doing author interviews here for readers to be able to learn about new authors and books. The site is launching early this week. I'm very excited about this - I recorded my interview with them Sunday morning, Nov 6, and am told it will be available on their site Wednesday, Nov 9. Stop over there and take a peek. If you're an author, they're wanting to talk to those interested in doing an interview.


  1. I love Halloween and all the spookyness that goes with it.
    Sue B

  2. Oooh, that cool eye in the cover is just too awesome. Happy Halloween Deanna!