Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm guest blogging about Self-Publishing!

Grab yourself a warm toddy and settle in so you can read a bit. The topic of self-publishing will get me on a soap box because I want to help so many others out there who are considering which way to go. I won't get into it here, but will let you read the post. I'm guest blogging over on Rachel Cooper's Verandah overlooking Imagination Creek! I love the title of her blog! Come visit, comment and you just might win a gift card!

Have questions about self-publishing? Leave a comment over there for getting in the drawing but you're welcome to leave a comment or question here, it just won't get you into the gift card drawing. Thanks for stopping by and return anytime!

Oh, before you go, I want to tell you about a Christmas Party over at Ravencraft's Romance Realm on Dec 10th. Mark your calendar now so you don't forget! Join us over there for fun and prizes the entire day!'s also my birthday so come have a drink with me. I'll be around throughout the day and into the night! See you there!


  1. I love Christmas parties. Visited you at Rachel's blog.
    Sue B

  2. Running over to read right quick! Thanks for posting this - I need all the advice I can get!! XXXOOO Louise

  3. Thanks for stopping in ladies, see you at the Christmas Party!