Thursday, December 15, 2011

Romance authors make love happen!

     Romance authors are true romantics at heart and even before I became an author, I wished that I could write a story that would make people fall in love because I'm a romantic. I like to think that everybody loves everybody even though we know deep down that isn't how the world works.

     Readers who crave romance novels are romantics, too. We all love the way a great book makes us feel inside...that good things DO happen but we also have to help that along in our own way. By that, I mean that we have to look at who we have in our life and make sure the communication stays open with them. Let them know that you love those around you and in return, you should be able to expect they will love you back...but we also know that isn't always possible.

     Surround yourself with friends who think like you do, who enjoy the same things as you do. If there's a few people who are intent on bringing sadness into your life, it may be time to cut ties with those people so you can continue on a path toward happiness. You don't have to be dragged down and sad just because that may be how those people live their lives. Make a change; choose to be happy! Start now to attract what you think and happiness is one of those things!

     Love makes so many things better and improves our well being. Don't forget that we also have to love ourselves! You are unique and do good for others. We wake up happy knowing we're in love, too. I'm glad that my stories fall into that category and my readers are happy when they finish. Love plays a part in how we look at the world and those around us.

     This holiday season, I wish happiness for all of you! We can play a big part in making happiness happen in our own lives by doing good things for others and that doesn't have to cost money. Look around to see what you can do for those around you. It might be as simple as lighting candles that flicker while you watch a movie together or getting them coffee when you get your morning coffee. Please scroll down to the next post to find my gift to you this books are .99 at Smashwords for those who've not read them yet.

     Lighting candles makes me smile and I enjoy smelling those spice scented candles that make me think about the holidays as I envision sitting in front of a crackling fire or walking at night while it snows, holding hands my husband. Do you have certain smells like the scent of a candle that bring happy holiday memories? Or maybe it's baking Christmas cookies with your children to create a holiday memory they will carry with them for life! Make a point to create a holiday memory this year.

     As I surfed the internet reading blogs these last few weeks, it made me smile to read about all the traditions so many have this time of year, like getting together with friends, or maybe the type of gift they might by for that special someone or a dessert they fix for their family each year. What are some of the special things you do for those around you? We'd love to read about them so please share with us! Thank you for stopping in and may your holiday season be filled with loving friends and family!


  1. I'd love to sign up for your blog, but there is no email sign-up. I will be content to just receive your newsletter. Dee

  2. Happy Holidays to you and your family too, Deanna! Wishing success and happiness in the New Year!

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

  3. Happy Holidays Deanna may 2012 bring you prosperity and love. I didn't see where to follow your blog at on the page. Usually there is a link. Kathy

  4. Merry Christmas Deanna. I have met so many wonderful online authors and booklovers this past year. It sure is much more fun with book friends.
    Sue B

  5. This post makes me miss the festive months! Couldn't agree with you more, that time of year certainly makes you feel more loving towards other people!