Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prequel to Whispers at Ghost Point

I'm bringing back my characters from the historical romance above because I just couldn't let them go. Is that bad? I love reincarnation stories and do believe it's a possibility so it made perfect sense to me when Whispers at Ghost Point visualized in my brain. Maybe Nathan and Vanessa did that! Who knows but it worked.

Read Chapter One of Whispers at Ghost Point if you've not already done that then head to my website and click some of the location photos I've posted about Wilmington NC. I'm enjoying where the story's headed and can't wait to get it to you but tax season is upon us and that's where I help hubby at the office when I can. It does put my writing on the back burner for a few months though. Hang in there with me; you won't be disappointed, I promise!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get in NOW to add Your Blog to the Valentine's Day Hop!

Click the Valentine's Day Blog Hop icon on the left, it'll take you to a post where you can add your blog to the hop. Remember, when you add your blog, your blog will be visited daily for those seven days and you offer a prize at the end for those who leave a comment on your blog, which is their way of entering YOUR contest.

At the end, pick one or two lucky commenters to win the prized you posted during the hop. Readers love to visit various blogs to see what and who is out there so come show off your blog for Valentine's Day and let readers fall in love with YOUR blog!

Readers, tell us what you love most about blog hops. Do you find them fun? Do you find many new blogs to follow and maybe even a few new authors and new books? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Extra Rich Hand Lotions!

 2 oz size w/lip balm

Thank you for stopping in to check out what these are all about. I came across some wonderful lotion that isn't greasy and feels so good as it soaks into your hands. I've tried many types of lotions but this one beats them all. A few have stopped by my website store and purchased a bottle so I hope they stop in to let us know how well the hand cream worked for them. I have a few different packages at my store page.  The lotion comes as unscented and I add spa or lemon scent to it. I can also send it unscented should anyone prefer that.

 1 oz size

I hope you give it a try if you have problems with dry hands, especially in the winter. Leave a comment here or in my guestbook on the main site if you give it a try. There are other items in my store that may interest you, too. Thank you so much for stopping in!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Change Your Thoughts, Start The Year Right!

What we think about can ultimately change what we attract to us whether you realize that or not. Look back on one of your bad days - didn't everything seem to go wrong as the day went on? You may have been in a bad mood, gotten up crabby that day, mad at the doesn't matter unless you consider what it attracted TO you.

Now consider how your day goes when you're upbeat, happy, excited things are going your way and no one in the world can stop the good things that are happening for you! I knooow! That's because you're attracting to you what you're thinking....GOOD things, things you WANT in your life. It works and if someone is going to argue with that, it's due to the fact that they're 'thinking' stinks!

If your thinking stinks, you're standing in your own way for success. It's out there so let it in, don't fight it. Clear your mind, change your thoughts and clear the way for good things to come to you. Understand that you DO deserve to have good things happen to you and for you.

My latest book can help you get started. It's only .99 and short enough that you can keep it handy to read on your bad days. I hope it helps keep you on the right path to achieve what you want.

Zig Ziggler says we have to read something seventeen times in order for the brain to accept what we've read. I invite you to read through my book seventeen times, let it soak in and change the way you think. I'd like to hear from you in a month or so if it helped you change the way you think. Come back here and leave a comment for us...thanks for stopping in and thank you if you've already downloaded my book and are on your way to achieving what you want!