Monday, March 5, 2012

Time Travel Lovers & Never Surrender

If you love time travels and reading about those Native American warriors pulling you into their stories, you won't want to miss this one about my blue eyed warrior! Taima is a leader for his people, a father teaching his son the ways of his heritage and...a one-woman man...until he meets Kate. What infuriates him the most is her strong-willed attitude. Women of his tribe do not go against what he says nor do they outwardly argue with him! Yet this white woman continues to get under his feet, in his way and...under his skin, straight into his mind. The last thing he has time for is a woman who won't obey, refuses to back down and who hates it each time he touches her!

Further down on the left sidebar, you can click the BookBuzzr link to read Chapter One if you've not done that yet. I also have a book trailer for Never Surrender. 

My books are available at All Romance for those who haven't ventured to the e-book store yet. They have many genres, ways to earn free books, and several are already free for download. I would love it if you could help get my book a little higher in the rankings at All Romance. Thank you for stopping in and for peeking at the All Romance ebook store!

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