Sunday, April 29, 2012

My windows are open!

      Aaaaahhh! I just love it when the weather gets warm enough to open the windows so the scent of beautiful flowers can drift thru the house! Fresh air, new growth....I'm not even going to the weed thing...we'll ignore that until another day but perhaps I should venture outside.

      Spring also is a time for renewal, not only of the outdoor growth, but of the growth that happens inside our mind. Just like in our gardens, we have to rake out the old things that don't work for us anymore...specifically our dusty old way of thinking if we are to move forward with our lives and achieve what we want to happen for us! We are the only one who can make that change. No one else knows what thoughts we harbor, what thoughts hold us back from obtaining what we want out of life.

      Do you often look around and realize what you have really isn't what you want but you're afraid to take that step forward to begin getting what you want? I'm thinking happiness here but maybe you want more money - that would allow you to travel, improve your home, buy new clothes and so much more. To move forward, one needs to toss out the thoughts that hold them back. First, you need to know that YES, you DO deserve to have more more money and to be happy! First, you need to - 

Change your thoughts to change your life!

      We attract what we think so consider what your thoughts have been. Have they been about all the bills you receive and how much money you don't have? That could be why you're not attracting more money and only getting more bills. Experiment for one month - think about what you truly want, tell yourself you totally deserve to have what you want (and believe that!) and envision it in your mind!

      I invite you to take a chance on my motivational book, Unleash Your Inner Strength, for .99. Can .99 change your life? Why wonder? Click now and get your copy. You need to read it everyday if that is what it takes to remind yourself of what you're thinking! Daily positive thoughts will also attract happy, successful people into your life. The results can be amazing!

Change your thoughts and change your life!


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  1. Change your thoughts to change your life - lovely post Deanna.