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NEW Excerpt from Whispers at Ghost Point!

To be released in late September 2012

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       After a week in Los Angeles, Drake Mitchell Wyndham sat at his desk in his home office in Southport, North Carolina sorting through several messages his secretary, Heather, had left. Someone at the Lower Cape Fear Historical Society obviously was not a timid church mouse; then again, maybe as old as a church mouse. Eight of the fifteen messages were from the Society, yet he kept putting them off. He wasn’t ready to deal with the Historical Society regarding the lighthouse he’d inherited years ago and had done nothing with since then.
       He leaned back in his leather chair, leaning on one elbow and resting his chin on his fingers. He thought about the damn tower more than he should since he’d inherited the place when his grandfather passed four years ago. Then abruptly, he leaned forward to rummage through his side file drawer, his fingers skimming over the file tabs until he found the folder. Opening the file, his grandfather’s signed will lay on top. The will had left him two letters along with the deed to the lighthouse signed by the Coast Guard and the Government, granting him ownership, something unheard of in North Carolina. He knew how rare this type of deed was.
       Mitch picked up the letters, one from his grandfather stating that he should carefully consider checking into the background of the past keepers to connect with his future and the other appeared older than he cared to estimate. His grandfather stated that the letter had been given to him and he should pass it on, so he had.
       Before carefully opening the weathered letter, he again glanced at the postmark dated in England well over two hundred years ago which had been written by a woman named Vanessa, to her lover. Her beautiful cursive filled the page. She had included a picture of herself, which fell from the papers. Though the age of the picture matched the postmark on the envelope, her delicate features were still evident…she had been a beautiful woman.
       Mitch thought she or her lover might have something to do with the lighthouse. He studied the woman’s eyes as a familiarity seeped into his senses. His thumb lightly caressed the old photograph as though he were actually touching her face. He’d seen that sincere look before, albeit only for a second when he came across the woman trespassing at his lighthouse. But how could the two look so much alike? He stared at the photo, as though answers would somehow be given to him. Unable to make sense of the resemblance, he placed the picture inside and folded up the letter, kept it with the will and deed, and closed the file.
       What the hell did his grandfather mean…connect with his future? All that garbage of the past rewriting itself was for the birds...or the Cape Fear Historical Society! Then curiosity got the better of him. Mitch pulled out the woman’s letter one more time to look at the picture again. Though the picture was old, he could tell her eyes were light, possibly blue or green, and her long dark hair flowed over her shoulders, so unlike other female pictures of that time period. He thought about her, what she might have been like and the relationship she had with the man in the letter.
       Rubbing his thumb over her face and hair, he wondered if they had been married or just lovers. Visions of frigates at sea and docked at a wharf drifted through his mind. Was there more than he knew to explain his interest for sailing? Did all this have something to do with what he thought he’d seen so long ago at the lighthouse? He would rather not rehash that day or others would think was nuts. Then he reread the note and knew he needed to hold off on any immediate decisions of selling the place, though he still couldn’t fathom what this could possibly have to do with his own life. What did his grandfather know that he never informed him of?
       Mitch couldn’t explain why he felt a tug toward being at the lighthouse but it came to him more than he cared to face. There was something out there. The eerie sense of foreboding that came over him when he’d snuck into the keeper’s house all those years ago had kept him from going back inside and who he thought he saw couldn’t possibly have been there on the stairs leading up to the tower! He chose to ignore whoever it was and not go back inside.
       The woman at the lighthouse a few weeks ago came to mind. Mitch looked closer at the picture. He nearly stopped breathing. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought the picture was one of those old fashioned photos some take nowadays. The eyes were so like the woman he’d caught trespassing, but that likelihood was impossible. This picture was over a century old!
       He carefully put the picture and the letter back in the envelope as visions of ships at sea floated through his mind, confusing him even more about getting rid of the lighthouse. Then again, perhaps he should sell it off. It would be no different than any of the other corporations he bought and sold for profit. Yet, this property seemed different. For some reason, he was drawn to it and damned if he knew why; he hadn’t been out there since he was a teenager and those were memories he didn’t want to stir up.

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