Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog Hop: Romancing the Hop!

 Romantic Ideas...

     Welcome to my blog! I hope you're taking notes or book marking many of the sites so you can revisit them later. There are so many ideas out there to take note of. They'll keep you busy for a long time along with all the new books and authors we hope you're book marking, too! I'm no different in wanting to give you some ideas on keeping that flame alive between you and your partner. Love is what makes things happen but we know it takes more than just love to keep the heat level going! I'll go through a list but I know that list can be added to so mark us all and come back later. Here goes...

1. Mutual trust begins with a strong self-esteem and knowing who YOU are. If you're comfortable in your relationship, you'll not have mistrust seeping in to destroy what you two share.

2. Give each other space to spread the wings and be yourself. Feeling trapped in a relationship will only feed resentment.

3. Compliment each other even if it's to say I'm glad you're with me today.

4. Give each other a sexy wink several times a day!

5.  Hugs are NOT over-rated! Give them out!

6.  Post sticky notes on the bathroom mirror, inside cupboard doors, etc.

7.  Holding hands while you're watching TV or walking outside confirms what's in your heart.

8. Old but true...never go to sleep mad at each other.

9.  Be a good listener...ask how their day was.

10.  Make eye contact when you say 'I love you'. 

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