Sunday, August 5, 2012

Enjoy your summer!

       I hope your summer is going well and you're making memories with your families. If you enjoy being outside in your gardens, I invite you into mine. This is a view of only one area of our backyard gardens and it's so peaceful out there. The morning brings us the sound of chirping birds enjoying the birdbaths and shade makes it cooler in the afternoon.

     I've also been busy writing, getting the word count up, scenes are happening that I can't wait for you to read and the characters are having fun...can getting scared by a ghost be fun? But it is because it's bringing them all together.

        Come back later this week when you get time. I've got another Fantasy author I know you'll enjoy. Many of the books and author this month are great for kids and it takes them into a world they can only reach through a book. Thanks for stopping in to check on me. I'm staying busy but also spending time with friends and family. I do miss my girls back in Michigan but they send me pictures of their girls so I don't miss seeing them grow but are growing so fast!

      Until later....know that you only need to think of what you want to accomplish, envision it happening and follow your heart!

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  1. That garden view is so pretty. It's been so hot here haven't been doing much. Got to go to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens to see the butterflies. Have a great rest of the summer.
    Sue B