Monday, August 27, 2012

Hauntings and Paranormal Happenings

Death and Ghosts Go Hand in Hand?

       People love to chat about hauntings, paranormal and ghostly orbs so come join me in talking about your experiences with ghosts and spirits in your life. What type of interaction have you had? What intrigues you the most and what shows do you enjoy watching about paranormal?

     Ghosts from the past are everyone whether we want to agree on that or not. Spirits from ships that sank at sea can also make their way to local lighthouses and mine is no exception. Whispers at Ghost Point has it's own ghost that I can't wait for you to meet!

Due out Mid-October 2012

     In that glow beyond the stairway, if you look close, there's a spirit beyond that is watching you back! He loves causing havoc with the inhabitants of the abandoned lighthouse as they try to get the remodels done.

     In late October, I'll be visiting the old lighthouse at St. Augustine, Florida and can't wait to experience the spirits there! What experiences have you had that you want to share us so we can all chat about it!


  1. I guess I love the shows because of the unknown. It's interesting to find out what they hear or see. Or about different places that are haunted. My experience was a hospital. I worked a lot of oldest parts. Once a toliet flushed when I was in the stalls cleaning. I thought it was a worker and no one there. The old morgue was in that area. In the business area I would hear my name plain as day. Would answer thinking it's the supervisor and no one there. I always felt like I was being watched too. I would always hear things up in the OR when I worked cleaning late at night alone. At the old school accross the street they bought around midnight I was standing on the lower level(this level aways creeped me out)filling out my paperwork and all of sudden I felt really cold on my left side and my hairs stood up. Got out of there fast-was alone. LOL. At an assisted living on the night shift us gals would see shadows and hear noises all the time. Once around 3am in the small laundry room(by myself again)I felt something go through me. It was a weird and creepy feeling I can't really explain except you could feel it rush through you and my head starting hurting. My ears were ringing and felt plugged.
    Sue B

    1. I forgot to say when my MIL was in Hospice and she passed I swear I felt her come and hug me. The best feeling ever. Made you happy even though your were sad. Does that make sense?
      Sue B